Clear Capital BPO Dictating Values

Posted by: Slappy

Clear Capital BPO Dictating Values - 02/06/19 01:13 PM

I sure hope I'm not the only one going thru this with Clear Capital...I keep having orders returned because the value of my opinion does not agree with what they (or "our mutual client") desire. I have justified the value with current comps, explained the exclusion of comps they dictate and replaced comps. If it's not the value they want and I don't agree to their value they just reassign the order.

This is unethical and I am sure prohibited by some regulation somewhere...?, right?

Who are such deceptive practices reported to?, will they act upon such a complaint?
Posted by: Muniart

Re: Clear Capital BPO Dictating Values - 02/06/19 06:42 PM

Some of the CC orders have a statement about reporting undue influence on your price. After being repeatedly harassed by the reviewer on one order, I called CC and told them I wanted to report undue influence. When they asked who, I told them "Clear Capital." The order was approved as is.
Posted by: MirandaMac

Re: Clear Capital BPO Dictating Values - 02/18/19 04:06 PM

I have experienced the same thing with them a few times.
Posted by: likearollinhome

Re: Clear Capital BPO Dictating Values - 03/21/19 11:00 AM

I have experienced this also. They look at the prior and if you are not inline with it this happens. Try and use the closest and most recent comps available and adjust for the differences.
I have also used the undue influence as a response to QC and it went through.
Posted by: TimWin23

Re: Clear Capital BPO Dictating Values - 03/25/19 07:28 PM

They have never been a problem with me as long as I explain why my value is different. Usually the previous agent used "fair" or "good" comps or chose closer proximity comps across a major dividing barrier. Use the live chat or call them and discuss the issue.
Posted by: kevin@RE

Re: Clear Capital BPO Dictating Values - 04/26/19 05:42 PM

I generally ask for the prior agent comps and compare my comps. There might be a market change or an issue with the condition of comps. i will never price the value per the reviewer. QA agents will change and they reject again if you value it wrong. if you have reasons to stuck with your value be with it.