What CRM System do you use?

Posted by: selfdevelopment

What CRM System do you use? - 12/04/17 09:57 PM

Hi everyone!
I'm actually wanted to implement a CRM and I'd like to know what everyone is using.
I also created this poll https://goo.gl/rgH5mB
I'd appreciate any feedback, thanks!!!
Posted by: MissionJoe

Re: What CRM System do you use? - 01/11/18 11:12 AM

We use Hubspot's CRM. It's free and works really well.
Posted by: Long Walk

Re: What CRM System do you use? - 01/11/18 01:08 PM

All the reviews on Hubspot are great. I used Salesforce in a previous position and felt like it was too complicated for me to really make use of. If you have experience, is Hubspot simpler or about the same?

How do they keep the service free? Is it ad-based? Or is the free version the loss leader to sell the enterprise version?
Posted by: Rachel Rockliffe

Re: What CRM System do you use? - 09/19/18 03:56 PM

Personally I use Realtynaís Wordpress CRM. It really depends on what youíre looking for.
This CRM is a good experience, as you are able to manage your customerís every need in one place. Also, the system is user-friendly as lead-generation and follow-up processes are automated.
The opportunity to have unlimited users and records is also a great plus of this product.
In this CRM there is included the following:
You can capture a lead through different forms in the website. You can also gather information from the leads and monitor their activity through:
Login history
List of visited properties
List of saved searches etc
On the other hand, you can also provide necessary controls over the privacy of information within the system between all users.

There is also one more thing which I find very useful: you can sync your Realtyna CRM contacts with ZOHO CRM. Doing this, you can have more advanced features, which include:
Multichannel support
Trend analysis
Sales performance metrics
Third party-app integration support etc.