Greetings from San Diego

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Greetings from San Diego - 03/27/13 09:27 PM

Hi - my name is David - it's nice to be joining this forum. A little bit about me: I live in San Diego but I'm a Colorado Residential/Commercial Real Estate and Note investor. Weird - right? Well, the returns are much better for me in Colorado than SD so that's why I invest there.

I represent a website that allows for Real Estate Agents to get paid for Mortgage Leads - it's 100% RESPA Compliant.

Please email me should you have any questions.

Thanks - looking forward to participating in this forum.

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Re: Greetings from San Diego - 03/27/13 11:25 PM

Welcome to Agents Online
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Re: Greetings from San Diego - 03/27/13 11:44 PM

Welcome to Agents Online, David!