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"TOP AGENT MAGAZINE" - 02/19/16 06:32 AM

Do any of you have experience with this magazine? Is it legitimate?
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Re: "TOP AGENT MAGAZINE" - 02/22/16 05:11 AM

It is like one of those magazines that you can pay to be featured in, somewhat like when you were 10 years old and played little league. When the time to take pictures came around, your Mom had a chance to put you "On a Sports Illustrated Cover" for another $30...that's how legit it is.


[img] https://agencypictures.net/cart/images/Sports%20Illustrated%20Mag%20Cover.jpg[/img]

Links never work..
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Re: "TOP AGENT MAGAZINE" - 02/07/18 04:50 AM

Just got an email from a "Feature Story Coordinator" from Top Agent Magazine.com. Saw this thread from a couple of years ago and thought I would ask if anyone on here has been contacted recently and went through with the interview and paid the $395.00 for the copyright to the article to use for marketing. I've looked at some reviews and I've seen a few bad reviews but more on the positive side. I'm interested in this but still skeptical as I've never heard of this "magazine". Would appreciate feedback. Thanks!
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Re: "TOP AGENT MAGAZINE" - 02/08/18 07:04 AM

sounds legit

ok, sarcasm off.....what good is it? how many people in your area that would use you would be exposed to this magazine?
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Re: "TOP AGENT MAGAZINE" - 04/24/18 01:41 PM

Great questions.