Signed up But Did Not Receive Your Password?

Posted by: Admin

Signed up But Did Not Receive Your Password? - 01/14/05 02:01 PM

The first thing to do is check your Junk Mail folder as quite often notices from this board will be flagged as machine generated mail and directed to the junk mail folder. A good idea would be to put on your "Allow" list.

Email to Yahoo ends up in Junk Mail and likely Hotmail as well - so if you use one of those services check your spam box.

If you did not receive you password you should be able to have it resent to you by trying to login. When you do that there will be a link to click on to have your password resent to you smile

It can take up to an hour sometimes for notices to reach you - email is not always instantaneous - but if you do not receive it after that it may be that your email provider is blocking email from the forums. Talk to your provider about this issue and have them unblock email from