Hi all. I've recently passed my broker exam and have been meeting with potential brokerages and have narrowed it down to 3 candidates. My intention is to get some feedback and perhaps be shown by one of you what the decision is that I've probably already made. Let me just say a few things about each of the 3 brokerages.

Prudential - I connected with the managing broker. There seemed to be an emphasis on training and mentoring. Website stunk. Medium sized office of about 40 agents. Decent splits at about 70/30 with 24k cap. Managing broker is also an investor. I feel like they're moving up.

Realty Executives - Cool office in downtown location. Not much emphasis in training. Has contracts for HUD and VA and other foreclosures. Prime investment opportunities. Managing broker also an investor. They have options as far as splits which I get to choose from. Small office of about 24 agents. About a 15k cap. International company.

Keller Williams - Large, about 100 agents. Perhaps the most emphasis in training. 70/30 split with about 21k cap. They have a team of 3 young agents that I'm interested in which are very involved with investors. Web site so-so.

Here is where I stand. I am interested in a brokerage that I like working for and connect with. I love training and want to learn from great sales people who are also investors and are prosperity conscious and have an emphasis on relationships. I want a decent commission split.

What do you guys think?
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