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#76104 - 12/21/04 08:30 PM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings
higgyshouses Offline

Registered: 11/02/04
Posts: 56
Loc: White Rock, BC. Canada
I agree with you montana, how many news stories have we seen or heard lately about telemarketing scams that have been a total intrusion in peoples lives and some with devistating consequences.


#76105 - 12/21/04 11:13 PM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings

I agree there is people out there that abuse the phone system. I feel any cold prospecting is an up hill battle, but done the right way can be profitable. I know Higgy mentioned mail outs, but my experience with mail outs is that you need to send a lot out on a consistent basis which costs a lot of money before you reap the rewards. I mail only to my sphere of influence because I know the best way to do business is with people that know you (sphere of influence). Once you start dealing with referrals, you never want to deal with anything else right? The thing is if you don't have a large enough sphere of influence, you may not be building your business as quickly as you might have potentially if you made those extra calls. Took kick start a good listing campaign and to expand your sphere of influence on a limited budget and time, cold calling may be the way to go. If there is another way let me know how you do it?

#76106 - 12/21/04 11:30 PM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings
Montanaland Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 07/10/04
Posts: 581
Loc: Billings, MT
To my understanding, however I am new to RE- Is that you can generate a large enough Buyer-pool using the 800# and soon to be mini-sites that you plug into your cms and follow up with a drip-campaign that includes postcards/newsletters etc. As for the prospecting involving cold-calls and door-knocking I am only doing that-door knocking with expireds using (Tony Zitos program) and Fsbo's. I have understood that a lot of coaches only recommend door-knocking over cold-calling for your fist contact. (i.e. beyondsales/nate brooks, etc.)

Does anyone have anything to add or that I'm missing on this topic? smile

#76107 - 12/21/04 11:57 PM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings

800 numbers are awesome for Buyer leads, I use the 800 number with unbelievable success. Its a great way to find out who is in the market to buy, however, I haven't received many listings. The 800 number is a great way to build yourself up financially to maintain a farm budget. I run full page ads in 2 different home magazines. I pay about $700 dollars a page but it's well worth it because you get immediate results. I find speaking with FSBO's is a lot more difficult than knocking doors in a neighborhood and making friends. I do prospect FSBO's, but what I noticed is that if your not the first one to reach them, they are most often really hostile from the last agent that visited them.

#76108 - 12/22/04 07:02 AM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings
dcook22 Offline

Registered: 04/06/04
Posts: 345
Loc: Plantation, FL (Broward)
This is a good topic.

Here's my opinion on what's been bounced around:

1. Cold-Calling: I won't do it. I do think it annoys people. I know it annoys me, and I'm a pretty friendly guy. I will say, however, that it is still a viable and successful marketing tool. Why would I say this? For the same reason we place silly little three-line classified ads even though there are a million of them in the paper. They work. If cold-calling didn't work, it would have died off long ago. I have never purchased anything from a cold-caller, but obviously lots of folks do. Now, I will say that selling your home is a tall order for a cold-call. It's not like I'm subscribing to the newspaper...this is a half-million dollar investment. So, I won't cold-call because it doesn't appeal to me, but I won't shoot down anyone who wants to try it.

2. Pre-recorded calls: Well, to be honest, I never listen to them. I honestly have little to no idea what they were trying to sell me, but when I hear "Hi, This is a pre-recorded message from..." or "Hi, in a moment, a representative of blahblah incorporated will be on the line. Please hold..." I hang up. It's easier to hang up on recordings than it is to hang up on a cold-caller because I don't feel like I'm hurting the feelings of some kid who is trying to earn an honest buck. No one will ever get me to work with them based on a pre-recorded message calling me. If you think it might help you, cool, but it wouldn't work on me.

Also, check the DNC rules. I think you can still be in violation even if a machine calls people.

3. Door-Knocking: I've never done it, but I'm goiong to. I'm starting the BeyondSales plan and I have a very friendly demeanor and personality. I don't think I'll be bothering too many people. I'll be nice, not pushy, and genuinely helpful. If folks slam a door in my face, so be it. I have a feeling, however, that most people will kindly say "no thanks" and I'll move on. I think door-knocking is far less of an interruption than a cold-call because of the bad rep telemarketers have gotten. And I also think that most people are generally nice to strangers. (That's odd coming from a guy who spent the first 35 years of his life in Queens, NYC, no?) But it's true. I think it's harder for someone to be rude to me if I knock on their door than if I call them. I don't mind getting a "no" or a door closed on me. My goal from door-knocking is to get my face out there.

4. Direct mail: I will definitely do it! I think this is my best way to reach people en masse in my new market. I'm working out all the kinks right now and my campaign will strat right after the new year. Higgy, I'd love to know what your mailer said that got you those listing leads.

5. Working FSBO's: I'll definitely do this as well. I'm working on a system that i think will make me lots of money. I'm looking forward to this market.

6. Working expireds: Definitely. There aren't a whole lot of expired listings here in Miami, so the market is small, but I think I have a twist that will set me apart. We'll see how it works out.

7. Sphere of Influence: I moved here to Miami in September. I know maybe 8 people down here and three of them are REALTORS. My SOI is not big. All my friends are in NYC. I will certainly market to them for investment properties as absentee owners, but beyond that, I don't have too many options. Unless of curse someone has some ideas for me.

8. Display ads: I'll use them, but not until february. I placed a half-page ad in a homes magazine (a good one) and got not a single call. Probably the slow holiday month combined with the fact that i'm an unknown. I'll be changing the copy a bit and marketing myself a bit ifferently, but no need to waste money at the moment.

So those are my opinions.


EDIT: Almost forgot...

9. 800#: I have proquest and it will be an integral part of my marketing.

#76109 - 12/22/04 07:12 AM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings

Posts like this are a direct violation of forum rules and will not be allowed to take place.

That post is totally unacceptable!!

If you would like to make your point without the defamatory remarks, please do so.

#76110 - 12/22/04 08:18 AM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings

I'm sick of the vulgar posts...Can't people that claim to be professionals make their points without being nasty and crude?

#76111 - 12/22/04 08:24 AM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings

Great idea to remove that post...

#76112 - 01/09/05 09:30 PM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings
altarealtor Offline

Registered: 01/09/05
Posts: 390
I don't cold call. I used to but I actually started to feel some compasion toward the recipients. I do door knock and find it rewarding. Consider this, during a political election, you expect, and in my case, hope the candidates to come by. After all, that's part of thier job isn't it?. Many people want to meet those that do business in their neighbourhoods. It's a sense of community and Realtors are a large part of that.

#76113 - 01/13/05 03:40 PM Re: Cold Calling vs. Door Knocking for Listings

This is informative to me... I work in a small family brokerage, and my uncle/broker has been pressuring me to door knock. I don't think it would be as effective as it was for him in the 60's... people are very turned off by cold sales.
Also, we're in an area of many single-parent and two-income homes, so the window of when people are home and it's not dark is very small, and their time is pretty valuable.
I feel that a passive marketing campaign makes the decision to work with you "their" decision. I am considering doing a large scale doorhanger campaign on my neighborhood in the coming months.

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