Hi Everyone,

My name is Sara, I'm in Champaign, Illinois. I just recently got my Broker's license and am able to start helping people with buying and selling their homes. I have worked for the Realty company I'm at for 5 years as their Business Manager and Director of Relocation, and just last year as a Leasing Agent as well. I'm always quite busy as I'm sure you can imagine so I'm having a hard time trying to get this part of my job focused and started. I'd love to hear from all the other new agents and see how you're doing and what I can possibly do to better my business on this end. I have the issue that my sphere of influence isn't very large and my family isn't very helpful (i.e....they've known about me being in RE and that I was the Dir of Relocation for the past 5 years and TWELVE familial transactions and not ONE of them came to me for help, even though I offered)

Any assistance would be great.