When I first started real estate in 2014 I did 32 interview with different brokerage before I actually chose one. It seem all the brokerage were the same especially the big known brokerage like Coldwell Bank, or Centery 21, or Douglas Elliman, or Keller William. They all have the same training and I never would have though that choosing the smallest unknown company would be more Beneficial to my success than the larger company. The one thing I learn was that you were being thrown out in the ocean and becoming an agent on your own. Until I met my brokerage which only had about 6 agents when I join.

What made me choose this smallest brokerage was only 2 words " Residual Income" and my eyes open as it peak my interest. So I immediately ask how as he explained away that you must start small and with no money out of pocket you will begin with a few client's looking to rent. I signed up immediately that Wednesday morning and while they had training on the same day; I attended it. I went home and follow the step-by-step direction and that following Thursday I immediately started receiving phone calls and set up my first appointment Saturday. Shown 2 place to the client and they loved the second one. I gather all the document and sent to the owner and received approval on Sunday. We set up the walkthrough on Monday and exchange keys and funds and they I close my first deal and got my first Paycheck.

If you want to watch the full explanation and How to get started with real estate I have made a full video for you to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpAhMSJ7KgE&t=270s

Also, I have explain which broker you should be choosing.