I'm an agent in a small market, and I'm struggling to consistently get business. I'm a cold caller, but my challenge is figuring out who I should be calling on a daily basis to consistently generate new deals. I'm roleplaying M-F but my time on the phones has been weak because of the lack of prospects to dial.

We only get about 30 FSBOs a month over a 45mi radius of where I live, and we average roughly 1.2 expired listings a day across that same radius. In my immediate area the average price point is $200K, when I go further out, it increases to $400K.

I got my license mid way through last year, and did 6 deals. I know that I'm capable of 10x that number but I'm just not sure what I'm doing, or maybe not doing to get there.

Any thoughts or suggestions? This has been driving me crazy.. I'm the only person cold calling in my area so there's no one I could go to in real life for help.