Homebuddy is a free app that helps homeowners stay on top of their largest asset by sending them curated monthly reminders specifically for their home!


We have gotten great feedback from our organically grown user base, & now we are looking to team up with realtors to provide you a way to seamlessly stay in meaningful contact with both your past & new clients so that you can effortlessly increase your customer retention!

Check us out & sign up at:


Once you have logged in you will be able to upload your picture, all social media & contact info, and brokerage info. Then you can send out links with all of your info attached recommending your clients to sign up for the product.

Once you have sent out the sign up & your client signs up, YOUR WORK IS COMPLETE. From there we will continuously send out monthly reminders to the users associated with your account. This way you can send your customers meaningful emails every month so the next time they are ready to purchase their home you will be at the top of their mind & they will purchase from you again & again.

Feel free to offer any feedback, questions, comments to this chat or directly to me via direct messaging and ill be sure to respond. Again as we are in a beta phase this is 100% free to you for the foreseeable future while we work out our monetization strategy.

Sign up & join us at the link below to get a leg up on your competition!