Hi all, we are moving and thinking of changing brokers and have a question: Is it common for real estate agents/deals to use two TC's (transaction Coordinator), one for both listing agent and one for the buyers agent? Where we are now, we only use an in-house TC if we are representing the seller. When we rep. the buyer, we use the listing agents TC, unless they don't have one. The broker of the firm we are thinking of moving over to has a TC (his son) and he is involved with every deal. Of course we get charged for the son's services, even if we represent the buyer and the listing agent has their own TC, and that TC does all the work. We asked the new broker about it and he said it is pretty commonplace to use two TC's on every deal. Is it? We've only been in real estate a few years so we don't know for sure, but it seems kind of redundant to have two TC's doing the same work. So what does everyone think?