Just wanted to share our new app which helps to create floor plan for your listing. Thought some of you might find it useful smile

A bit of background: Coming from Scandinavia where almost every real estate listing has a floor plan, it amazes me that very few listings in U.S. have a floor plan. After learning this, we started to build the service about two years ago and last year we managed to build a working prototype and generate a floor plan from a video. First you take a scan from the interior of the house. After finished, send the scan for processing and you'll get back a floor plan within the next business day.

Last week we launched the app on App Store and the feedback has been overwhelming so far. If you have any feedback or questions about the technology or the resulting floor plan, just go ahead!

Note: the app only works with iPhone X and Xs currently.

Link to app: CubiCasa app
Link to website: CubiCasa website