If there's an app that brings additional value to your seller/buyer or home selling process, would you use it?

myEZasset is a digital home asset management app. We created the app to help homeowners and renters manage their home assets: heating & plumbing systems, electrical systems, electronics, vehicles, & general devices.

Homeowners can use the app to document asset info, record manufacturer, model, link warranty, attach images, installation date, maintenance date, schedule maintenance reminder, send work order invoice, or just have an inventory of assets for insurance policy purposes.

Renters can use the app to document their personal belongings, warranties, purchased dates and store receipts for renter’s insurance.

REALTOR, this is a great app to introduce your clients to help them manage their new home or sell a home. As a realtor you can have the seller (or do it yourself) document home asset information such as manufacturer, model, installed date, last maintenance date, warranty, and more. You can quickly retrieve info from your mobile device, click on a URL link to be directed to the manufacturer or warranty website, reference and/or answer buyer's questions right away.

You can create individual accounts for your home listings using the property street address. Each property will have a unique email address (ex. 123mainstreet@gmail.com). The account can be transferred and given to the next homeowner. The new owner will need to download the app, login with the account and gain access to the assets and property information documented by the previous owner. The data is digitally passed on to the next owner… say good-bye to owner's manuals, paper receipts, notepad reminders, and file folders that are typically given to the new owner at closing.

The app is EZ to use and information is stored on the secured Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. No subscription fee, no in-app purchase, no ads to our users, seriously! Users can retrieve asset information from their mobile phone, anywhere & any time. No more trying to remember a furnace filter size or a fridge’s water filter parts number.

Is there a use/market for this kind of app?

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