Hi everyone. I am the CEO of VSR Corp known as Vietnam Special Economic Zone Real Estate. This post will help all of active members in agentsonline have a little more information about my company, our services. Thanks for reading. Good day.

VSR is the leading broker and real estate investment consultant (in Vietnamese we call it "dau tu bat dong san") in Vietnam and especially in the real estate market of Phu Quoc, Van Don and Northern Van Phong. We have over 5 years in the field of real estate investment in different segments, understand the market in many areas to ensure the potential profit for investors.

Vision - VSR's real estate investment strategy is mold and forged by our lifetime experiences. With solid foundation and professional staffs, we have a deep understanding of the real estate market, allowing us to provide real estate investment consulting services that are most appropriate and perfect for every investment idea of customers.

VSR opens up high profit investment opportunities in the real estate market in Vietnam

In the EEZ, VSR is currently the only real estate investment advisor with broad coverage capabilities. On the other hand, VSR is headquartered in Hanoi and branches in the EZ, which connect to the special market and investors everywhere.

This is the "launch pad" for VSR we get the market information, the first opportunity with full source information. Since then, we have developed the most intelligent ideas for all areas of investment in the current and future markets.

-Project land, public land, land subdivision
-Resort complex (hotels, sea villas, Condotel, Homstay
-Office for rent, office
-Workshops, production and business establishments
-Land transactions, support procedures

"VSR is always looking to become a part of the success of your real estate investment project." The investment idea of ​​the client is a small piece of land or a large project, our consultants I will do my best to come up with a strategic plan for safe investments, quick returns and profitable returns. "

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