My Wife has been watching a Real Estate Rehab series of programs on the DIY Network entitled "Texas Flip N Move" which might be worth tuning in to get some ideas to help solve this situation.

These Texas people buy structures at Auction with the understanding that the Buyer has to move them . . . . so people prepared to perform the move are the only Buyers that show up to attend the Auction.

This series appears to always use the same Auctioneer, and he travels the entire State of Texas, so it may be worth while catching his name or Company to see if he'd be interested in auctioning off that Metal Building and whatever else is movable from your site . . . . and you could pass along the net auction proceeds to your In-Laws as their compensation, and wash your hands of any further involvement ?

If I (or my Wife) can catch the Name or Company affiliation of the Auctioneer for this TV Series, I'll come back and post it here.

PS: THe Auctioneer is Myers Jackson who's located at P.O.Box 2014 Grapevine, Texas 76099

The telephone number posted is 1-844-400-2828 and the email address is at that same WebSite.

Maybe he can help you . . . . or provide some guidance in bringing this matter to a soft landing.

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