Hi Everyone!

Long time no see! Hope everyone is doing well and making tons of $$$!

So wanted to come on and recap what I been up to and ask for some help. I closed 5 transactions last year which was half way to my goal of 10. 2 were from my circle and 3 were zillow leads!

This year I am looking to close at least 13 deals. I have one for this month that I been working (buyer) on since last year (from a post card mailing). Nothing else in the pipeline, under contract, at the moment.

I am looking to really charge up my business and have not cold called yet but want to make this part of my daily schedule. My question is do you just cold call expireds? I won't lie, I am a little nervous to cold call (not sure why but I am) and have been putting it off which I need to break. I have seen the Tom Ferry cold call scripts and just wondering if you think that format is the way to go? Any suggestions on how you work cold calling and best way for someone newer in the business (1.5 years in now) can make this a part of my day! I am determined to win and become a "lion"... Just looking for some thoughts from of you successful men and women! Thanks in advance! JMK