Hi Everybody there !
Iam from Hanoi, Vietnam and have a website: http://hanoireaty.com.vn to post apartments, house, villa for rent and sales in Hanoi. I write this post for three reasons:
1. If you come to Hanoi, we will support you find an ideal home for free;
2. I want to exchange link with some agents in US, who those has "silo" site. My site will link to your silo site and your Money site link to my site. We just accept maximum 1 link for one site and 5 site (5 partners in US). The DA =>7 is better, If the plan good in the future, we will expanding to more countries.
3. I saw many person who has very good skill in SEO, Iam not good in SEO, can you help me checking ONPPAGE (page title, heading tag...) to give me some advises to hellp us better.
Thank you for reading and looking forward to hearing from you.