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#453922 - 08/14/16 07:39 AM internet vs "old school" marketing
Thuy Offline

Registered: 08/14/16
Posts: 32
Loc: Vietnam
Hey guys,

these days how much money and time you invest making promotion (by social media etc.) on internet in comparison to just print out promotion cards and give it away ? what makes you higher conversion ?


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#453951 - 08/16/16 04:42 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
KW Gerald Offline

Registered: 02/08/15
Posts: 24
Loc: Texas, USA
I do most of my internet marketing on FB and NextDoor. PPC ads on Facebook targeting a very specific group of folks can be highly successful. It's been just ok for me until I figured out that targeting a niche gets a far higher response rate.

For instance, I created a landing page and targeted people who own their own businesses outside of my state and listed a bunch of benefits for the business owner in Texas. It got me quite a few leads (long term though).

"OLD SCHOOL" works. No matter how technological we have become as a society people will still hold something and read it (provided there's a benefit to them in the ad copy).

Just my $.02

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#453959 - 08/16/16 03:29 PM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
David Hunter Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 09/27/05
Posts: 1641
Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
"Old School" marketing using postcards and offline is the best! Everyone has a mailbox.

Plus, most people don't realize it but... a lot of successful marketing online is actually brought on by offline marketing (use offline marketing to get people to go online).
David Hunter | Retired RE Agent |Direct-Response Marketer

#453970 - 08/17/16 04:58 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
Thuy Offline

Registered: 08/14/16
Posts: 32
Loc: Vietnam
Unfortunately that offline marketing is not so good measurable unlike online but still obviously important

Edited by Gord0n (08/17/16 04:58 AM)

#454053 - 08/20/16 06:35 PM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
NickCatalano Offline

Registered: 08/17/16
Posts: 31
Loc: Perth, Australia
We got more conversions from online than offline. We are based in city but few of my friends in remote areas say that they have good conversions only for offline. Few of them don't even have their website.
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#454762 - 09/28/16 05:01 PM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
Kathy Landon Offline

Registered: 09/21/16
Posts: 21
Loc: North Carolina, USA
I'd say my time is split 50/50 between print and web advertising. Although recently I've put more effort into social marketing and my website.

I get moderate conversion from my web activities, and a bit lower from my print. So many people just use the Internet these days, it makes it easier to target my market.

#455327 - 11/06/16 10:41 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
TheBPOExpert Offline

Registered: 01/22/12
Posts: 114
Loc: Georgia
In my opinion marketing works if you are correctly targeting you niche whether you're online or offline. Knowing who your target market is will make you successful at marketing to that target.
The BPO Expert
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“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

#455340 - 11/08/16 02:14 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
Neal M Offline

Registered: 09/09/06
Posts: 172
Loc: Jackson
There are old school offline methods that still work. By far the best advertising is word of mouth. Everything else both online and off, is a distant second.

Almost all forms of advertising will generate leads. You could put a sign in remote Alberta selling swamp land in the Middle East and if you wait long enough you will get a lead. The question is how much does it cost to get a lead. Also, every market is different, so over all you can only speak in terms in averages.

The internet is the current undisputed king of adverting real estate. Based on NAR surveys, over 95% of buyers start on the net. So your advertising should start there.

There are some very interesting things going on now with advertising on mobile devices. Look into those.

Also look at advertising in unusual methods. Sponsoring little league sport teams, local events....

Print in terms of newspapers, local magazines and postcards is dead, dead, dead. It is a waste of money, time and effort. I'm not saying you wont get leads from it, just that you can spend the money elsewhere and do much better.

Is summary, spend your money on internet, mobile and unusual advertising (50%, 40%, 10%) and your time building social offline networks.
Neal M - HouseViewOnline™,
Cape Girardeau Real Estate, Jackson Missouri Real Estate, Cape Area Homes

#456041 - 12/23/16 11:54 PM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Neal M]
Jhony Offline

Registered: 12/13/16
Posts: 44
Loc: Maharashtra > Other areas
Old School marketing using Postcards, Invitation cards, brochure card marketing and other offline marketing methods is no doubt best! but its time consuming.

Online Marketing is actually brought new ideas and methods in traditional markets and its give successful results instantly via email, call etc.


Edited by Jhony (12/23/16 11:56 PM)

#456893 - 03/11/17 11:56 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
Nick Tam Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/11/17
Posts: 3
Loc: Canada
I've been helping realtors out with FB ads quite a bit.

What I have found is that targeting a specific niche is the best way to generate results.

Another great tool with FB ads is to have an ad to target traffic to your open house. This has resulted in turnover of homes very quickly.

If you have some extra money, I would highly recommend using FB ads over other sites such as zillow or trulia

#457987 - 06/05/17 04:55 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Thuy]
TerriK Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/05/17
Posts: 1
Loc: New York
Promotional post removed.

Edited by Admin (06/05/17 06:45 AM)
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#458049 - 06/12/17 06:11 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: Neal M]
FloridaExclusive Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/12/17
Posts: 6
Loc: Florida
I have most found the internet to be the most effective way, using my own site and referrals from others but I have now started to use FB. I haven't had a bite from FB yet but its early days.

In the past I used mailshots, cards etc but I have found this method to be less effective in recent years. Its fine if I hit a particular neighborhood but for larger areas it doesnt work as well for me anymore.

#458241 - 06/27/17 10:46 AM Re: internet vs "old school" marketing [Re: David Hunter]
LoganRealty Offline

Registered: 06/02/17
Posts: 32
Loc: Santa Monica, CA
Direct mail is making a comeback! Probably because people are so inundated in their inboxes and social media. Half the trick is getting someone to open your letter. That's why fliers and post cards are better, even if people throw them away. It makes it harder to track for effective ROI, but you are getting your name out there. If you continue to follow up, that recognition will pay off.
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