When your clients close on a house, give them a gift that they will love!

My name is Sheena White and I am a founding distributor of a brand new company called Moji Life. Moji Life makes an amazing bluetooth capable home device that delivers luxury fragrances via an app on the owners cell phone. Choose from any of our luxury fragrances or essential oils. Your clients will love coming home to their new house with the Air Moji.

Some things that make the Air Moji great:

*Unlike other home fragrance systems, there is no wax, no water and no cords to deal with!
* The Air Moji has a built in timer that can be programmed with the app. No more wasted product.
* Each luxury fragrance lasts 40-60 hours with continual use.
* The Air Moji is only $44.95. Add to that a signature fragrance or essential oil and you have a great housewarming gift for around fifty dollars.

To purchase or learn more about the Air Moji please email me at mojilife.sheena@gmail.com

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