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#449429 - 12/17/15 10:05 AM Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business
Peter Williams Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/17/15
Posts: 2
Loc: New Jersey
If you are convinced of the advantages of renting over buying, make sure your customers also are. Create a mobile App to present your winning concept and invite them to share it with you. Send Push notifications with loyalty programs, offer special discounts, show vacation deals and make them feel they pay less for more.

Benefits of having an app for your Real estate Company:

• Increase market exposure and grow your business
• Reach your customers easily
• Create loyalty programs
• Gain competitive advantage
• New communication channel
• Increase social interaction

Show Properties with pictures, description, location:
Show your properties for rent using photo galleries and a detailed description of the listings.

List your Property for Rent or Sale:
Thinking about renting or selling a property? List and rent your property using our easy-to-use rental app.

Show Property Location on a Map:
Let new customers find your properties for rent easily and provide accurate location information about your rentals.

Share News from your blog about real estate investments, financing:
Have a blog? Share news and media to keep your users updated at all times directly from the CMS or automatically from your RSS feed!

Send Push Notifications to your clients:
Send your customers a push notification messages to announce special property deals, vacation deals and make them feel they pay less for more.

Engage with your Customers through Social media:
Let your audience save time by being 1 click away from all your updates. Connect your app to your Facebook, YouTube & Twitter accounts so your fans are always connected to you.

For more information on the mobile app, feel free to discuss it with me. I will be happy to help :)

Peter Williams
Skype: peter.tscti

Edited by Peter Williams (12/17/15 10:06 AM)

#450004 - 01/21/16 10:45 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
Jason_C Offline

Registered: 01/17/16
Posts: 38
Loc: Colombia
Hey Peter (and anyone else reading this),

Apps can be a great tool for marketing and/or additional income. However, I don't think this suggestion is entirely genuine. It just doesn't tell the whole story.

First, most of what you're describing here can be done with a responsive website, which will cost FAR less than an app both in development and maintenance. Reach customers easily, create loyalty programs, increase social interaction; all easily done with a mobile website. When we start talking about real advantages, we need to get into the mobile vs native vs hybrid app discussion that might be too technical for this forum. Since you brought up push notifications, I'm going to assume we're talking either native or hybrid app.

So what could a native or hybrid app bring to the table? Well, push notifications primarily. The problem is that there are really only a few types of push notifications that could benefit a real estate agent from a marketing perspective. I thought I had a great idea for an app that pushed geo-location messages to app users based on listings in their vicinity. However, when I started to dig into the economics of it, I couldn't make it work. Here's the problem...

Geo-location based notifications require a special type/setup of server. It needs to track an individual's location at all times and send notification based on other locations stored in the database. While this isn't terribly difficult, the amount of data and the way it's processed makes it very expensive. While doing my analysis, I came to the conclusion that I could allow a realtor to list 100 properties and it would only cost them $500/month. That, of course, is without me making a dime. I might have been able to get this down to $300/month with enough interest, but I still didn't see it bringing an ROI.

So, I had to ask myself if anyone would see a return on their investment...

What are the advantages? 1) App users will become accustomed to your brand being on their phone, increasing brand awareness and loyalty. 2) App users can be notified of properties close to where they are at any given time.

Drawbacks? 1) Agency would be limited on the number of listings that could have notifications. 2) Unlikely to have return customers throughout the life of the app. 3) Cost, cost, cost in both time and money. 4) Other techniques are likely to produce much better results.

I just couldn't see building an app that targeted home buyers as having an ROI. I don't know what kind of "Loyalty programs" or "special offers" that could possibly be brought into this application, but I'd love to hear them. If I could get 10% of my next house I'd jump all over that deal, but I don't see it happening.

Ultimately, web apps are cheap and can bring some unique branding opportunities, but I haven't been able to pin down a place for full-featured native apps. The only way I could even possibly see a full featured native app bringing an ROI would be for very target markets like Silicone Valley. Even then I'm not sure how much value there would be. I don't know anyone selling real estate in that market to break down numbers with and I've already spent a few months of discovery with the original idea that I couldn't make work.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you'll come back in and address some of these issues because I'd really like to see how you think a mobile app can bring an ROI, but...

"Show Properties with pictures, description, location:
Show your properties for rent using photo galleries and a detailed description of the listings."

can all be done with a responsive website.

Edited by Jason_C (01/21/16 10:48 AM)
Edit Reason: BB Code didn't function
Inbound Marketing Brings Results

#452536 - 05/15/16 10:17 PM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
Durise123 Offline

Registered: 05/15/16
Posts: 45
Loc: Emirates, Dubai
Hello Peter, thanks a lot for describing nicely the benefits of mobile apps for real estate agents. I'll definitely give attention in this topic and looking forward to follow the same ways as you mentioned.

#453706 - 08/02/16 01:49 PM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Jason_C]
sanman918 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/02/16
Posts: 4
Loc: MI

You brought up some great points and I think your thought process is right on par with mine.

Anytime you invest in a tool you want to understand ROI. First off, I don't think an "APP" is the way to go. You are creating a large barrier to entry for a user to access your content by having to download an APP. Responsive website can do just about everything.

I just built a simple responsive website for my mother that acts like an "app". Here are the benefits I think she will get out of it:

People can search the MLS for homes on her website. (not a huge value add, as everyone has this).

It's all branded under her name and helps her establish herself as a value add to the client. After speaking with her, I realized how much work good agents do behind the scenes... this is now exposed to the client and helps people understand her value.

It also has educational videos, tips, and possible pit falls for home buyers during each step of the process. This continues to build her brand as an expert and also helps her cut down on all the long repetitive phone calls and possibly a disconnect in

Will it generate leads? No... she is responsible for pushing her audience to it.

It could help generate referrals from a better customer experience, but I believe those will come from her personality and in person interactions, not digitally.

Long term, maybe she could leverage some type of "big data" situation where she could tell which clients are truly interested in moving forward with a home and which ones are just "Wasting" her time.

#454068 - 08/22/16 04:18 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: sanman918]
chandra kumar Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/22/16
Posts: 1
Loc: New Delhi
Hi Peter
Thanks for explaining such a important topic. Your advice will be beneficial for me in the future.

#461225 - 04/19/18 04:39 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
kirastan Offline

Registered: 04/15/18
Posts: 31
Loc: United States
Hi Peter! Thanks for the comprehensive explanation :) Mobile app is important in our industry indeed.

#461682 - 06/16/18 12:04 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
Jeff C Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/15/18
Posts: 1
Loc: Chicago, IL
What kind of app would apply to finding sellers of houses?

#461738 - 06/25/18 10:50 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
alen111 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/22/18
Posts: 1
Loc: Georgia
A mobile app is really a good idea for real estate business because people choose time-saving things and for this mobile is a good option.
it helps in increasing your business and social media interactions.Y

#461873 - 07/13/18 03:26 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
Tim Bizz Offline

Registered: 07/03/18
Posts: 15
Loc: Alberta, Canada
I think an App may be good for the Real Estate as it may help compress pictures better and give a better visual experience for the Consumer but really lets be honest if your website is mobility ready it will most likely provide the same type of experience or better. Plus because it is mobile ready the pictures are ready for you when you are.

It would not be completely hard if you went after say the MLS listing site with the App offering shops and restaurants locally within the area someone is looking for to advertise a "Coupon" within the App. You could create a pretty sweet lead generation off this app if you made it generic but have the ability for Realtors to buy into the system so they can that lead for the specific area the potential client is looking into. If someone said contact me in regards to a listing the email address/Phone number would be sent to the realtor and if you are smart within the App provide a small CMS to hold the contact information for the realtor to log into.... Better start looking into this :)

#462464 - 09/19/18 03:55 PM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
Rachel Rockliffe Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/04/18
Posts: 2
Loc: US
Mobile app is a great idea for any real estate business owner, as most people nowadays use their smartphones for searching the needed information.
I have even read a statistics article on Statscounter and it turns out that people started using mobile phones more often than desktops or tablets.

If you still aren’t sure whether you should have a mobile app or not, there is one interesting thing I would like to share with you. What mobile app does is that it creates a powerful branding for you. It’s visible every time your potential client checks the app and it puts your company’s name/logo in the clients mind, on a subconscious level. This means, if they need a Realtor, they will think of your company!

I have used Realtyna’s mobile app for my real estate business and my traffic has increased, Not to say anything about the branding part. The good thing, of course, is that it's a very user-friendly experience, as the app is automatically connected to my website.
On the other hand, having a mobile app means your company’s name/logo will be published on Google play and Apple’s App Store, which is really important.

For the summary, I’d like to suggest that if you still haven’t got a mobile app for your real estate business, do it. It will change a lot, as it has changed a lot for me.

#462674 - 10/21/18 03:11 PM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Jeff C]
Luna Offline

Registered: 08/23/18
Posts: 19
Loc: Europe
[quote=Jeff C]What kind of app would apply to finding sellers of houses? [/quote]

I'm also interested in that. I agree that many people use their smartphones all day and might feel it's more convenient than to browse on a computer. But I'm pretty new to that topic.

#462749 - 10/31/18 01:21 PM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
Tony Joseph Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/26/18
Posts: 2
Loc: White Plains, NY
Mobile apps boost the way the real estate businesses are run today. It’s not a single person who is responsible for a sale or rent of a property. You must be able to simultaneously collaborate with agents, sellers, buyers, and employees while on the field work or while driving to properties or clients. This is when you can instantly receive mobile app push/in-app notifications on assigned tasks that need action, approval/rejection of requested items, the digital signature of documents, capture & upload quality photos and much more. The time between assigned task or information and action taken by an agent must be immensely reduced to enable increased deal closures.

One stand out feature of using mobile apps is when you need to track where they are on the field using GPS. An interesting feature is when you need to make sure your agents are at the property on time and how much time did they spent there. Check-in & check-out for clocking time only if the agent is within a few mile radii of the property comes beneficial for their managers to ensure they have visited the property and the time they spent there.

Mobile apps enable end users to view basic data like property details, scheduled viewings, prospect details etc. offline. Of course, few updates and actions need internet connectivity, still better than viewing nothing on the mobile web that needs internet to load.

Branding goes a long way when you have mobile apps that you can showcase to your prospective clients saying that your business can be fully operated through customized apps both iOS and Android.

Personalized user experience, ease of navigation and spacious touch area are key highlights when you design a mobile app that can present a lot of data in a very simple clean way rather than viewing it cluttered or one section below the other in responsive mobile websites.

Mobile apps are a good choice if you are planning to scale your platform with more heavy features and customized options.

The advantage of Motion Sensing features while using mobile apps like for example shake phone sideways to search properties in a particular location or flip phone to view next property details is one step ahead to engage your customers.

#462774 - 11/02/18 12:00 PM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Tony Joseph]
Bigtoe Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 10/14/07
Posts: 2413
Loc: Outer Banks
You have no idea about what we do for a living
Your Outer Banks real estate agent. Helping people buy and sell OBX real estate since 1989.

#463487 - 02/05/19 03:02 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Jason_C]
Edan Canning Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/05/19
Posts: 1
I must agree with Jason. Native mobile apps are very difficult, slow, and VERY expensive to make.

Responsive websites are the way of the future. Responsive simply means they fit into the size of a phone, tablet, or computer (they respond to the size of the screen). Websites are fast, simple, and easy to build.

I'm a web developer. I see how everyone in real estate is using websites, not mobile apps, to get their business exposed. Also advertising a website is much cheaper and easier than advertising an application.

Shameless plug: if anyone needs help designing, developing, and advertising a website, please feel free to message me on or emailing me at!

Edited by Edan Canning (02/05/19 03:03 AM)

#463489 - 02/05/19 04:25 AM Re: Why Mobile App is Good for Your Real Estate Business [Re: Peter Williams]
Papatoetoe Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/05/19
Posts: 5
Loc: Auckland Region
Mobile App is really very helpful for real estate business. With the help of Mobile App, we can increase brand promotion and attract online investors.

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