One thing that hasn't changed since Google first arrived on the scene is the value of having your real estate agent website listed on real estate themed web pages that are themselves highly regarded. The way you determine whether the web pages that list your site are themselves highly regarded is to see whether the pages have actual Page Rank.

Being linked to from such pages contributes towards increasing the rankings of your website in addition to sending visitors and prospects directly to your site.

Finding such pages is not easy. They are the “Holy Grail” of internet promotion.

Oh look! Here's one for you!

The EpoweredProfessionals Real Estate Agent Directory has been around for 14 years, is manually curated, and has earned the trust of the major search engines. Over the last few years the number of Realtors included in the directory has been dramatically reduced to the point where some states and provinces have zero entries.

Since agents in each section are listed in the order they are received there is a great opportunity to grab the top spot!

Listings are free with an approved link back or an annual paid listing can be had for $19.95. A listing with your photo on one of the state or province pages is $39.00.

The best deal is you can be the exclusive one and only agent for your city for just $99.00.

Details for adding your listing can be found here and here.

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