Lately a few of people have had problems trying to register for the forums. They receive repeated messages that the username they have chosen is not available and report other error messages as well.

I did have one person this week who reported the issue and when I checked his chosen username was indeed already in use. Please try a few different usernames first before contacting me for help.

If you are receiving error messages after trying a couple of different usernames and screen names the problem is not with the forums themselves. The issue would be on your computer.

The most likely reason you are having trouble would be that the cookie is sending to your computer is not being accepted. You need to make sure that your browser is not blocking cookies from the site. You should add on to your allowed sites list.

Even if your browser is set to accept cookies it could be that your firewall or anti-virus program is blocking the cookie. You may need to check that as well.

If you are still unable to register email me at and I will manually register you for the forums.
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