It isn't easy to get the things you need. It is not easy to find a mortgage that works for you. You have to know what you're doing, and you have to put it into practice. But in order to make the understanding and process much better then it's always ideal to hire a mortgage broker with good experience and reputation.

One of the best brokers to help you around with your home loan will be Chris Landry. Chris Landry mortgage broker is part of the Verico Paragon Mortgage Group. The reason why Chris is such a recommended broker is because he was recently ranked as number 30 in CMP's Top 75 Brokers list. Believe it or not, Chris was included in that list despite working in the industry for only about a year. You can definitely tell that this guy has a great potential to becoming one of the finest brokers in Vancouver, BC. It's also a guarantee that he will soon rise up to much higher in the list in years to come. There's also no doubt that Chris Landry will be able to make a good deal for a home loan to every person requiring his services.

Chris' funded volume is up to $56 million which eventually made him a good candidate for the top 75 list. Other than that, his funded deal is 138 thus making him a broker worthy of the title. You will surely be more confident in securing a home loan once you have this guy aide you during the process. And in due time, you will finally be able to live in the home of your dreams.

So if ever you are looking for a mortgage broker with good reputation in Vancouver, BC then you can't go wrong with Chris Landry. Just make sure to have all the paper works in place so that you won't be experiencing any hindrance during the process.