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#440910 - 11/18/14 03:55 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! ***** [Re: smg]
OahuAgent Offline

Registered: 03/09/14
Posts: 94
Loc: Honolulu, HI
[quote=smg] I am my worst enemy as I find things to keep me from it. [/quote]

I have the same bad habit. I'm not to schedule anything for an hour on either side of door knocking hours.

I'm using the Bill Nasby script and the first question does seem awkward and I find myself having a tough time getting through all the questions. I think the first one may be the most important.

Here's the script:

Q: Hi I'm <Firstname> with <Real estate Company> when do you plan on moving?
Q: How long have you lived here?
Q: Where did you move from?
Q: If you could move where would you move too?
Q: When would that be?

It's my opinion that asking the first question or any question is better than just staring at the doors and then going home after thinking about all the mean people behind the doors.

Where did you move from seems a bit awkward as well because some people have lived here all their lives.

I've been tempted to use the following:

Hi I'm <firstname> with <real estate company> I'm looking for people moving within the next 12 months so I can help them become the best informed seller in the area. Would that be you?

What do you think about this intro:

Hi I'm <firstname> with <real estate company>. Did I catch you at a bad time?

I'm qualifying the neighborhood and would like to ask you 5 questions would that be okay?

(Then go to the Bill Nasby script. If they let you have permission twice they are probably nice people)

Do you think that the script matters as long as we see the people?

I've been thinking that the faster I can get them to say no, the faster I can move to the next door. If someone just found out they needed to move my guess is they will raise their hand.

#441511 - 12/09/14 04:29 AM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
KWCareers Offline

Registered: 11/27/12
Posts: 94
Loc: Worldwide
smg....every post that I make is a mindset of contribution post. The blog that I link to, is comprised predominantly of top KW agents freely sharing their ideas and strategies. Is it a way to showcase KW and its value proposition...of course it is. However, I think the information and knowledge that I am sharing, is a real value to the agents in this forum.

#441536 - 12/10/14 02:42 AM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: KWCareers]
Bigtoe Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 10/14/07
Posts: 2273
Loc: Outer Banks
Originally Posted By: KWCareers
smg....every post that I make is a mindset of contribution post. The blog that I link to, is comprised predominantly of top KW agents freely sharing their ideas and strategies. Is it a way to showcase KW and its value proposition...of course it is. However, I think the information and knowledge that I am sharing, is a real value to the agents in this forum.

Smg is right! From the perspective of us agents you are here for only 2 reasons, to recruit us and to post links to your website.

posting the links to your site goes against the tos of this forum which negates anything you have to say. Who wants to listen to someone who thinks they are above the rules and can use this forum for their own gain.
Your Outer Banks real estate agent. Helping people buy and sell OBX real estate since 1989.

#442643 - 01/23/15 11:30 AM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
TheAgentLife Offline

Registered: 01/22/15
Posts: 44
Loc: FL
Do you have an update on this? Are you still actively using this method? How successful has it been? You seem to be very well motivated.
_________________________ - Helping Real Estate Agents Succeed

#442795 - 01/26/15 10:24 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
Alchemist Offline

Registered: 01/24/15
Posts: 35
Loc: British Columbia, Canda
I always admired agents who door knock. I tried it and it wasn't my cup of tea.

#450727 - 02/22/16 09:54 AM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
SheKaep Offline

Registered: 07/09/07
Posts: 258
Loc: Washington, DC
Discount brokerages are pissing me off. Theres a couple with their own brokerage who charge 1% Ive seen around and got a couple of my potential listings. I heard from my parents someone else is going to start a 1% brokerage here too. Just wow, what a joke. You cant make it in this business so you plan to undercut all the competition. I read on one's site that they listed over a hundred properties, but on another page of their site it said they sold over 50. Whats that tell you?

Some homes have success selling with discount brokers, a lot do not. At least in my market. In fact, those are the EASIEST expireds to contact and list. The seller's contact information is left in the listing record. It's easy to contact them. I started back in December and have some pretty good movement. There are 4 discount brokers people here use, and they're all out of state. Easy to compare and state what I do and have them make the conclusion that I do in fact do more than the discount broker...

#450728 - 02/22/16 10:20 AM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: Tex]
estatereal Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 01/27/07
Posts: 3195
Originally Posted By: Tex
I guess I just find it hard to believe it is possible to get good quality listings or buyer clients by either door knocking or using an auto-dialer. Maybe it is because I am kind of new at this. And what I mean by kind of new is that I have been a builder for many years, and bought and sold a number of properties. I have done this a long time, just not for others.

I applaud high energy. I just think there ought to be a better way to apply it. I hope nobody takes offense to this, but I am just trying to apply constructive criticism from the publicís perspective.

Lets say I have a home to sell. If somebody came knocking on my door looking for real estate business that tells me that they are new, inexperienced, etc. I know everybody has to start somewhere. But I donít want them starting with one of the biggest investments I have. I want the guy/gal who has been doing this for so long that you have to seek them out. Myself, I donít want to look new at it. Arenít we supposed to be professionals? That doesnít look professional.

And auto-dialers: I am so sick of these calls I am just without words that I can use on here. DNC isnít working for us for some reason. I have ill family and jump to the phone every time it rings, only to get an autodialed solicitor on well over half the calls. I think they should be completely banned by the FCC. Since that isnít happening anytime soon I would like to just call friends and family and tell them to call our cell phones from now on and drop our land line altogether.

The one problem with that is that from now on anybody that calls the landline will get a message saying, ďThis line has been disconnected.Ē That looks like I couldnít pay my bills. Instead of doing that I am thinking of turning the ringer off and setting the answering machine to answer only and not take a message. The outgoing message will say something like, ďDue to the ridiculous number of solicitor calls we no longer answer this line. If you really and truly know us you know our cell numbers and can reach us there.Ē

You people using autodailers: Can't you see how much of a pain in the butt you are to people just trying to enjoy peace in their home, the home you think you are going to get a chance to sell? I think autodialers are as unprofessional as it gets.

I apologize if I have ruffled feathers. However, you know the ratio of leads you get from those menacing machines, what 1 out of 1,000. You have successfully pissed off 999!!!

how many deals per year do you close?
how long have you been in the business?
what do you do to solicit business?

#450887 - 02/28/16 05:57 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
JuliaV Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/28/16
Posts: 4
Loc: LA
Im loving doors, much better than cold calling random people in my area atleast!

Calls are horrible to random folks because you reach old senile, spanish speakers and people too dumb to sign up with DNC. Also targeted lists arent that large, you can burn through them fast. FSBO for example is many odd properties and very few SFH's in my area. Calling a few vacant land owners today proved fruitful

#451128 - 03/08/16 01:31 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
gitmonee Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 10/23/13
Posts: 611
Loc: LA California
I'm thinking about doing a door hanger ring door bell campaign.

hang the hanger, ring the bell, and walk to the next home.

#451131 - 03/08/16 02:24 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: gitmonee]
CaliBo Offline

Registered: 10/26/14
Posts: 102
Loc: California
You should just wait..20% of the time you'll get a live person at the door...better to hear a NO then to wonder if there was a prospect

#451780 - 04/02/16 10:58 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
D1XIE Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/02/16
Posts: 1
Loc: MS
Hey all. I'm new here but I figured I may be able to offer some insight into door to door marketing to help prove my worth around here haha. I currently manage a company in which our primary sources of sales are direct mail, referrals, and of course... D2D. Before I took over sales responsibilities a couple of years ago, we as a company did no knocking. After attending a conference of franchise owners I saw they were generating tons of business knocking on doors. Long story short, I saw we were missing out on potential sales so I traveled to a few locations of some of our peers in the industry and came up with a plan that worked for us and grew our company substantially. I'll try and cover all the basics for any of the new guys to knocking out there.

[b]What to wear- [/b] I recommend business casual. Khakis and a nice shirt should be fine. Remember you'll be walking a lot, and you're going to someones home.. not a funeral or business meeting.

[b]When to knock- [/b] Here in MS, I have my guys knocking from 10AM-2PM and 3PM-7PM, with a lunch break in between. You'll want to consider a couple of different factors when determining this. You'll want to make sure you're catching as many people as you can as they come home from lunch, and you want to make sure you're doing most of your knocking in the afternoon when people are off work.

[b]Where to knock-[/b] Try to be flexible with where you knock, especially if you're just starting out. You may think an area is perfect when it isn't, and vice versa. So switch it up often, and eventually you'll find those honey holes we all dream of!

Ok, on to the juicy stuff! Below are the core concepts I've built our D2D campaign around.

[b]Planning and Tracking Results-[/b] In the beginning you may just plan on which areas you want to knock on which days with some loose goals, but you want to try to work to make your efforts more predictable by tracking things like your knocks per day, contacts, leads generated, etc. Basically, if it seems important, it is. By tracking your results you can further adjust your plan to highlight your strengths and improve in your weak areas. You should be able to consistently predict how many knocks it will take you to generate a lead before you know it. CRM software can be helpful here.

[b]Develop Your Elevator Pitch-[/b] The elevator pitch is a simple enough concept that will help you in more than just D2D. Basically, it's a short simple statement that answers who you are, what you do, and why you are a better option than the other guys. Keep it short and simple, as if you were making the pitch to someone in an elevator.

[b]Scripts-[/b] Now that you have an elevator pitch, you should put it to good use by making a script! You may think you can just wing it and scripts are stupid, but you're wrong. Scripts are vital to success when knocking on doors because they help us re-write habits in our brains that get us in a jam where we don't know what to say. Your script should have one opening (which will be a version of your elevator pitch), a list of common objections from prospective clients with a counter to these, and a short and sweet closing that wraps everything up. It is important that you always keep the home owner engaged. Ask open ended questions that can keep the conversation going until you see your opportunity to close.

[b]ABC's of Sales-[/b] ABC = Always Be Closing. This is what separates great knockers from the average. People will not give you their business if you don't ask for it. Too many people knock on doors and are content to just give the homeowner some information, maybe get an email address, and get out of there which is fine if that's all you want.. However, if I have someone engaged in a conversation face to face you better believe I'm going to get every ounce I can out of it. Here's how it might work if I was a magazine salesman for example(salesman perspective only):
[i]Hey, sir I'm blah with blah blah specializing in blah blah. How do you currently get your information?... Ah the newspaper you say, well, you'd be surprised to know that we actually have a larger amount of readers than them and have some really great stuff, so how about I get you set up today?[/i]
By asking him if I can get him set up today, I'm basically giving him three options. He can either sign up, counter with an objection, or flat out refuse. All three are good for the salesperson. If he counters with an objection hopefully it's one that you've prepared for using your scripts and can quickly counter to ease his doubts, and try to close again. If he refuses, then at least you wasted a very minimal amount of time with him because of how fast you tried to close.

Some other odds and ends:
Get quality knocks (stand at door for 30-45 seconds).

Bring some door hangars or business cards to leave behind on the doors with no contact.

Experiment with your plans and scripts to find out what works best for you.

Roleplay in front of a mirror, with a coworker, or friend. This will help you remember your script and also give you ideas for adjustments in it.

Name drop. If you just got through talking to Mr. Johnson up the road, be sure to tell them that to add some familiarity to the conversation.

Get them away from the door, either try to get inside the house or out in the yard, and your chances of getting their business will greatly increase.

Anyways, I hope someone finds this informing. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback! Thanks.

#451795 - 04/03/16 01:20 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: D1XIE]
Thunderstruck Offline

Registered: 05/17/10
Posts: 250
Loc: Townsville, Australia
Great post Dixie!!!

You have several great gems in your post. I agree if we don't do a measure of door knocking we are leaving money on the table. What seems to really work is to have in place both door knocking and also phone calling. Since it can be hard find a person at home and that they will also come to the door, making it count for all that visit is worth it spot on.

However, after saying that, what if your problem is getting use to or the need to build a habit of door knocking or calling people?

Could this help?

Most people find a habit that is simple is easier to master, right?

The one thing that we in sales need is leads, and really heaps of leads.

Here is a simple little lead getting script. You might adjust it to fit you.

Hello, my name is _________ with _________. Please can you help me with a quick 2 question special survey?

1. May I ask, do you plan to move sometime within the next 2 to 3 years?

2. May I ask, will you be staying in the area?

Thank you. That is all i need today. Have a great day.

**** If they ask why your asking here is the answer.

I plan to specialize in this neighbourhood so I can be of more help to sellers & buyers. I need to have some idea of how many people plan to move in the next few years.

This sort of script does get leads, the more we use something like this the more leads we get. Plus, along the way we will find people ready to move now. But, when you do get that now business, get their cell phone number and best time to call and then follow-up. The point is if you book 1,2, or 3 hours of prospecting keep going don't stop!

WARNING: Most people won't do this.

If your not like most people, do this for 30 days and see what happens.

Edited by Thunderstruck (04/03/16 01:21 PM)

#451953 - 04/13/16 03:00 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
gitmonee Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 10/23/13
Posts: 611
Loc: LA California
today an idiot agent knocked at my door.

we were eating dinner. Since our dining room is visible from the front door, he could see we were eating.

we did not answer the door, and he just kept standing their like an idiot. ringing a 2nd time, and pounding the door. then hollering "hello hello"

it was an old guy, probably late 50's, wearing an ill fitting suit.

No common sense.
Guys, don't do this. Just leave your material on the door and leave if they don't answer the door.

#451955 - 04/13/16 11:13 PM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
Vermont Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 04/12/08
Posts: 7868
Loc: Vermont's North-East Kingdom
Maybe he was just there to tell you about a murder 2 doors down and wanted you to call 911 . . . . or a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesman hoping to give you a quick demo ?

Once you made "Eye Contact", he's there for the duration; there's no escape !
Dale C. Hittle of GOLDEN RULE PROPERTIES in Glover, Vermont
Where We're Always Striving To Put Together "THE FAIR DEAL"

#452250 - 05/02/16 09:34 AM Re: I KNOCK 9999999 DOORS A DAY & I LUV IT!!! [Re: bkyle1991]
FastNewsletters Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/02/16
Posts: 3
Loc: USA
[quote]Im just trying to figure out how many hours of this before I get a listing. Avg price $500,000-$750,00. I havent heard of other real estate doorknockers around here, never had one come to our door. Low inventory on the market currently. In 2 years prices have shot up 71%. Lots of elderly people here. I can easily make 10-15 contacts hourly. If I do this 4 hours a day, what does that calculate out to?[/quote]

The average number of doors you need to knock to get a listing seems to be about 1,200 doors. And it takes 2 to 3 hours to knock 100 doors (depending on terrain and distance between houses).

I got these figures from interviewing about two dozen successful door-knocking agents in the US, Canada, and Australia and averaging their numbers.

Keep in mind, that's an average. You might have to knock on 2,400 doors before you get a listing, then you suddenly get two listings at once. The average is still 1,200 doors to a listing. Your actual numbers may be higher or lower, but this gives you something to measure against.

That's also based on approximately 33% of people being home, which again, seems typical. Also, you may get listing appointments, but you still need a clever listing presentation to land those signatures! PM me for a copy of my book about door to door prospecting.

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