Hi everyone :) My name is Michael and I am 22 yrs old. I have been considering a career in real estate for a while now and I have decided to pursue it and give it a real shot. Currently I am living in Canada but I am from the States and have lived there before in both Texas and in Maryland.

But for various reasons I have my eye set on trying to start a career in real estate in California. Now I am totally new to this and have lots to learn. Right now I have been researching what all I need for schooling to get certified and I have just done some research into markets there etc but I am still exploring.

So currently my timeline is to work where I am currently and then save up as much as I can and move to California to do schooling and work.

What are some things I might not be aware of when I do that I should be? Things about moving there? Costs? Best places to pursue a real estate career there? Making connections? Also how realistic is it for someone my age with little experience to move out there and get a foot in the door?

I apologize if most of this has been stated before. I am still learning my way around here and searching the boards. Thanks for any feedback it really is appreciated.