Hi! I'm in the Air Force and we'll be moving to the Fayetteville NC area this coming summer. We'd like to buy a house, but being military we know we'll be needing to resell that house in about 4-5 years (we don't want to keep it and rent it because we're keeping our house here in San Antonio and plan to rent that one so I think two rentals might be too much). So I have a few questions about how to find the a house in an area with the best resale potential.

We've narrowed down where we want to live to 3 elementary school districts. The first (Pinehurst for those of you familiar with the area) is an older, more established community. There are some new houses on the market but mostly older homes. Compared to the other areas this is the more expensive place to buy. The second and third are both in one of the more desirable high school districts (Jack Britt) in Fayetteville. The first of those two is a new elementary school with LOTS of new houses being built, the second is a more established neighborhood with practically no new construction.

As far as resale potential I'm wondering is it better to buy in an established neighborhood because when you go to sell you aren't competing against new construction. Or is it better to buy new construction with the possibility that when we go to sell we'll be wanting to sell a "used" house at around the same price someone could buy a new one? And if anyone is familiar with the area do you have any thoughts on resale potential between Pinehurst and the Jack Britt area?

I appreciate your help,