Hey guys,

I'm new here and hopefully I can get some insight about what I should be expecting from my commercial real estate firm.


I'm here in Colorado and just passed my state and national exam yesterday (woohoo!). I've been working part-time with a small industrial boutique for a couple months at $12.50/hr for four hours a day. We spoke about what would happen once I became an associate broker and now here we are.

I talked to my immediate boss and he said if I was ready to go full time, they'll bump me up to 8 hours a day, maintain the hourly rate, and that's about it. I can't have my own listings yet, nor participate in commissions. He mentioned that because I'm so new to the industry, I could create a lot of liability for my employing broker. Meanwhile I've been doing all the normal stuff a new guy in the industry does (cold calling, passing out brochures, networking, getting to know a niche area etc.).


After my incredible high of passing the exam, I'm kind of disheartened about the pay structure. Is this a "doing business as usual" for most commercial firms? I thought that I would be able to incentivize myself by really hustling and gaining clients so that I could make commissions. He mentioned that if they through me out there on a pure commission basis, that I would be f***ed.

What do you guys think? What have been your experiences? I'm going to draw something up to present to my bosses tomorrow to hopefully benefit me more. I was thinking the base salary plus some kind of percentage of the commission they make from the listings I throw at them. I know the potential to make a lot of money is there, I just don't want to be capped at $2000 a month.

Thanks in advance, and if this is in the wrong forum let me know.