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#362790 - 01/08/11 02:26 PM Organic Traffic Tips *****
journeyoflife7 Offline

Registered: 10/20/10
Posts: 39
Loc: u.s
Organic Traffic Tip #1 Link Building

Link building plays a role in SEO. The search engines take notice of the quality of links. Make sure all the links to your blog are relevant. Links from high PR and same niche blogs will help with SEO.

Organic Traffic Tip # 2 Blog Frequency

Be regular in your blogging posting and updates. Search engine crawlers take notice of this and up your search engines. A blog that posts regularly is better than one that fails to frequently post up new content. Make sure your articles relate to your website.

Organic Traffic Tip #3 Repeated Traffic

Make sure you can get people back to your blog. Create a benefit for others that no other blog can give people. If you share unique benefits, people will want to return to your blog. Create high quality content and provide useful information. Make your content so good that people will bookmark your blog.

Organic Traffic Tips #4 The “RIGHT” Way

Do not get your blog blacklisted. When you promote your blog, do it the right way. Overtime, you can achieve good rankings and reach your long-term goals. When in doubt, listen to your heart.

I know we sometimes get caught up in getting fast results, but sometimes it makes us forget the small important things. We always look for shortcuts, and although I believe there are many great marketing shortcuts out there, I believe there is no way around consistency and hard work. Even with the best of tools it takes a lot of patience to be successful.

We should look for not only the fastest way but the right way. To combine these two ideas together is essential for a successful online business. Follow these organic traffic tips consistently to get an increase in consistent traffic.

#362927 - 01/10/11 12:14 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: journeyoflife7]
Adam Benedict Offline

Registered: 10/13/10
Posts: 200
Loc: St. Paul, MN, USA
Thanks for the tips. It is incredible how much work goes into this. I have had my site for years but just in the recent months have been working hard to get it in the top rankings. Even in just the last 4 months of back linking and doing many of the other things mentioned above, I can already see the results. Don't give up people! It'll pay off!
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#363492 - 01/14/11 06:39 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: journeyoflife7]
ProLinkNotary Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/14/11
Posts: 4
Loc: California
Excellent Tips!! Creating a succesful online presence is not done by some magical process by which only SEO gurus can by winners , however, It comes from, just like anything else, hard and diligent work.

#363573 - 01/15/11 01:46 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: ProLinkNotary]
Jim Boad Offline

Registered: 08/02/07
Posts: 185
Loc: Seattle/San Diego
I am with you, every one wants a magic bullet for SEO and the only one I know of is hard quality work. Keep those two things up and you will see results.

#363679 - 01/16/11 08:53 AM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: Jim Boad]
Alishia Offline

Registered: 01/03/11
Posts: 10
Loc: Canada
To see and feel the result on your website needs a lot of patient after several months of doing the Link building.

#363862 - 01/17/11 05:58 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: Alishia]
beckyw Offline

Registered: 12/29/10
Posts: 31
Loc: New Orleans, LA
How correct is this information?
The only reason I ask is because in a thread by Doug (who appears knowledgeable), he almost makes it seem like SEO for real estate is a waste and his real estate blog reflects the same view points.

Granted this info is a few years old, but I'm curious how much is correct.

#364006 - 01/18/11 11:19 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: beckyw]
Maui Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 01/13/10
Posts: 759
Loc: Maui, HI
Aloha Becky,

Perhaps Doug can weigh in on the intended points of his posts/threads, but I must say that I interpret him considerably differently.

In real estate, which is one of the most competitive online industries, having a solid SEO foundation (both on-site and off-site) is necessary to rank well. From personal experience I can tell you that I credit my success in real estate largely to how well my website has been doing. It is a work in progress, but the changes in the past six months have been significant. There are sparing examples of how links are not necessary or how meta titles don't have to perfectly optimized, but those are not representative of the norm. I'd suggest visiting SEOmoz, SEOChat, Matt Cutts' blog, and other industry leaders, in order to get a better understanding of what SEO entails. Best of luck.
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#364041 - 01/19/11 09:12 AM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: beckyw]
doug Offline

Veteran Member

Registered: 12/31/69
Posts: 1099
Loc: Canada
Originally Posted By: beckyw
How correct is this information?
The only reason I ask is because in a thread by Doug (who appears knowledgeable), he almost makes it seem like SEO for real estate is a waste and his real estate blog reflects the same view points.

Granted this info is a few years old, but I'm curious how much is correct.

Hi Becky,

I don't consider SEO a waste of time although the way many approach SEO results in their efforts being a waste of time smile

The thread in question is a couple of years old and the discussion revolved around Google discounting their Page Rank on blog posts, subpages, etc. - That is still the case however we don't attach the same importance to Page Rank as we once did. ("we" being many long-time practitioners who are working to improve search engine ranking)

Google continues to make changes in an effort to discount the value of links that are obtained in the usual manner and one does have to be vigilant to make sure that the links they are acquiring are of some value.

In my business, I have all of my clients forward any link exchange requests they receive to me for approval. I probably only approve 5% of the requests - the rest are of no value. So if a person has been trading links for a few years as a primary method of increasing their rankings and 95% of the exchanges are worthless - for them SEO has been a waste of time.

I have a couple of posts in another thread that you may find helpful -

My business provides websites that are managed for the Realtor, search engine friendly, and some SEO is included. The included SEO (site optimization and a number of good links that I can control) is usually sufficient for smaller markets but increasingly not for larger markets because of Google's link-discounting. More links are needed and the only way to really get those links nowadays is for the REALTOR to be active on the Internet. Passivity just will not cut it anymore in larger markets.

By being "active on the Internet" I mean being active in forums, social media, and blogging. If one is really ambitious, adding some guest blogging (article writing) and commenting on other blogs will enhance the effort.

Of course one has to make sure that all of this is done where the efforts will be rewarded and that means you need to be able to assess the value of the links you will be receiving - are they "no followed" or are the links rewritten to count clicks etc.? This forum allows you to receive value when you create a link back to your website. Many do not - you need to know where you should be spending your time.

Not all of the value in being active on the Internet is from links and increased website ranking. The content you are creating in this forum and in blogs can lead to referrals and to prospective clients contacting you. If you create a fan page on Facebook it will show up when someone is searching Facebook for real estate in your area and that will bring business.

Search engines are now assessing and giving value to links and discussion in social media like Facebook and Twitter in new ways so even if a link can't be followed and benefit your website ranking in the way we have come to expect - there can still be value. Just the fact the your site is being talked about (by others - not by you) can make it more valuable in the eyes of search engines.

The Internet has changed and Realtors need to adapt and become more active if they want to hold on to the net success they have had in the past. Those who are new to this internet promotion stuff need to know that you will have to be a lot more involved than would have been the case just a couple of years ago.

#364133 - 01/19/11 07:50 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: doug]
Jim Boad Offline

Registered: 08/02/07
Posts: 185
Loc: Seattle/San Diego
Great response Doug.

I am glad you addressed the follow no follow debate. I have read almost endless amounts and tested the follow no follow topic and have found that no follow are very worth the time and they for sure are good for the natural link diversity that Google loves to see.

Always learning something new in here, thanks all for sharing and engaging.

#364150 - 01/19/11 10:28 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: Jim Boad]
DrewM Offline

Registered: 07/14/06
Posts: 54
Loc: Seattle
I still firmly believe that if you're extremely passionate about what you're writing about, you'll build links organically over time regardless of what that passion is. Passion attracts attention (and links as a result) -- since, unfortunately, most people don't have it.
Drew Meyers

#370486 - 03/22/11 01:19 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: journeyoflife7]
RTChris Offline

Registered: 03/14/11
Posts: 52
Loc: Tempe, AZ
The key to any good SEO campaign is content creation and content promotion. I think one of the biggest problems new bloggers realize is that they're creating consistent content but no one's visiting their site. That's where the content promotion comes into play - if you're not doing that then your visitor count will remain small and stagnant for a long time.

Here are some quick ideas on content promotion:
- share your blog posts on your social networks (i.e. tweet it, or add it to your FB page), but do this more than once
- send out a weekly email to previous clients with a teaser of the blog post and asking them to head over to your site
- comment on other real estate blogs
- guest blog on other real estate blogs

If you don't promote your online presence, then no one will ever find you. :(

#371489 - 04/02/11 06:40 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: journeyoflife7]
drejon Offline

Registered: 04/02/11
Posts: 42
Loc: buena park
I like this post. It is true that SEO does take time. If you try to cut corners using what they call “black hat” SEO you could get penalties that could destroy your SEO ability. The best way to get traffic to your site and get found on search engines would be to create true and useful content on your site and use the tips that are at the top of this post. For quick traffic you can seek pay per click, offline marketing directed to your site, craigslist, and many other avenues out there.

#372427 - 04/12/11 02:40 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: drejon]
lekkiproperty Offline

Registered: 02/26/11
Posts: 45
Loc: nigeria
nice. thanks for sharing. To be successfull in this seo business one has to be extremely patient and have a lot of perseverance. success in it, don't just happen in a day. Thanks for sharing ones more

#398823 - 01/15/12 05:11 AM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: journeyoflife7]
Rezo Offline

Registered: 01/15/12
Posts: 38
Loc: Malaysia
SEO friendly attract visitors via search engine is just the beginning...they key is to provide quality site and your visitors keep coming back

#399603 - 01/24/12 03:11 PM Re: Organic Traffic Tips [Re: journeyoflife7]
BillW Offline

Registered: 11/28/11
Posts: 56
Loc: Seattle, WA
I agree that these are good ideas but I would like to toss up an issue that many real estate professionals are beginning to adopt.

Most real estate brokers will have several blogs that interlink among each other and then typically culminate to their main website. This turns into a large mess to keep up with but a great link building strategy over time...assuming the broker is willing to wait and allow his blogs to season and gain PR. The issue is that many of these sights look absolutely awful. You can take a look at the sidebar or footer and recognize a ridiculous amount of backlinks pointing to several different sites.

I'm not sure how exceeding the cap of 100 links on one page can effect SEO but many agents have started to do this. I don't blame them as this works. Just check out your competition at Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO to get a hold of how they're creating thousands of links.

I think this comment broker tactic needs to be somewhat balanced for actual conversion. A potential buyer or seller sees the awful appearance of several backlinks and the site automatically loses legitimacy. A clean look with good content is the way to go in my opinion.
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