Here are a few OEM web sites from some cities at random. Sometimes we take for granted what all our municipalities do for us. The job of protecting the citizens of a city from a disaster is overwhelming. We can help by knowing how to find information of our OEM site when necessary...or whatever site our city officials refer us we can keep the phone lines free.

Look through a few of these sites...better yet, Google your own OEM. If your city does not have an OEM, it is probably combined with the county...that is common in areas with small towns. In fact, I think Miami's OEM is combined with Dade County...not sure of that since I just did a quick search. I am sure the counties and the cities coordinate everything during a disaster. (NEW YORK) (HOUSTON) (SAN FRANCISCO) (LANCASTER, NEBRASKA)

Funny, before a disaster like a hurricane or flood hits, we worry about our rose bushes, our new fence, our aging roof, our carport, the dog house blowing into the patio french doors. When it finally hits, all I seem to care about is waking up the next day somewhere near the place I was at the night before...and in the same shape.