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#431349 - 12/31/13 02:15 PM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: johnnyloans]
VABroker Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 11/02/10
Posts: 1093
Loc: Virginia
laugh Toooo funny! I've seen a number of agents jumping around from one company to another. I always tell 'em, "same ol' [you fill in the blank], just a different name."

Edited by VABroker (12/31/13 02:16 PM)

#434517 - 03/24/14 03:51 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: PA Roadkill]
KWCareers Offline

Registered: 11/27/12
Posts: 94
Loc: Worldwide
The MOST important question that you have to ask a potential employing broker, is, 'Can you show me your training calendar?' What new real estate agents need to focus on, is where are they going to do the most business and where are they going to NET the most money. Last time I checked, 100% of $ still $0! Find a broker that cares about helping you build a real estate career worth having!

#436715 - 06/11/14 02:09 PM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
SMOODY Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/11/14
Posts: 1
Loc: Las Vegas
Great Thread! This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you all for your contributions. I feel very confident in screening brokers now. I have compiled a list of questions I felt were important to me. Most of which are from this thread. I recently passed my state exam here in Las Vegas, Nv. and will be interviewing brokers over the next week. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Can you give me a brief history of the Company?
What is different about your company from your competitors?
What do you think makes a successful agent?
Does the broker in charge also do transactions?
What is the his/her personal production?
How does she/he generate business?
How long has this office been open?
Is the company an independent operated franchise or a corporate franchise?
How many current active listings does this office have?
Can I prospect around them?
Are there any protected farms?
How many total transactions did this office do last year?
What type of market penetration numbers do you have?
How many agents are in this office?
What is the agent turnover rate?
Who is the most successful agent on staff?
What types of advertising does the firm do?
Can I do my own marketing?
Do you have a full time receptionist or agents doing phone duty?
Does the company provide leads?
How are leads distributed?
Do you pass leads to other agents on my listings?
Do you charge any fees above the typical split for these leads? Even if capped?
Who is your preferred lender?
Who is your preferred title company?
Who is your prefered home inspector?
Can agents take their clients and listings with them if they leave?
Do you require mandatory in office time, meetings, floor time, opportunity time, etc.?
Do you have broker opens/caravans?
Do you have a profit sharing program with agents?
What are the specific policies on desk arrangements?
Can I hire a personal assistant?
Do you provide a listing kit?
May I have a copy of the office manual and Independent Contractor Agreement?


Tell me about your training philosophy?
Do you have a new agent training program?
Cost of mentoring ?
Who chooses mentor?
Costs of training, books, manuals, classes, in office?
What kind of training ( CMA, Contracts, Disclosures, marketing, ,lending, prospecting etc.)?
Formal Training Schedule? May I have a copy?
Broker Support, is the broker available for consultation?


Can I brand myself and have my brand be portable?

Can I have a custom website, flyers, business cards without contact information for the office? If office contact is there, can mine be in superior font, size, and position?

Who’s phone number goes on the signs for your listings? Yours, the office, both?

If a call comes in from the sign at my listing to the office, do I get the lead by default?

Can I acquire Builder accounts on my own? If not, how are they handled and at what cost?

Can I acquire Relocation accounts on my own? If not, how are they handled and at what cost?

If our relationship was not successful, who owns the rights to my listings?

Who owns my database of customers with whom I have done business? What if they are office leads?


CRM software?
Lead generation?
Auto drip market reports?
DNC scrubbed Phone Prospecting lists


Commission Split?
Commission cap?
Franchise fees?
Transaction fees?
Desk Fees?
Referral splits?
BPO splits?
What is the policy and cost if I buy or sell real estate personally?
What is the office procedure for getting paid on a closing?
Are agents in the office on different plans? Explain them?
What is the initial and ongoing cost of my affiliation with the company?
Do you provide property management services?
What commission is charged to investor/owner of rental?
What is the split?
Any other PM fees?

Who pays for:
Business cards
Office supplies like binders, envelopes, etc.
Signs and riders
Continuing Education
E & O

Edited by SMOODY (06/11/14 02:12 PM)

#436727 - 06/12/14 12:59 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
Vermont Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 04/12/08
Posts: 7911
Loc: Vermont's North-East Kingdom
With that many questions on your list, you may have to send the Questionnaire out in advance . . . . and then see if any of them still want to interview you.
Dale C. Hittle of GOLDEN RULE PROPERTIES in Glover, Vermont
Where We're Always Striving To Put Together "THE FAIR DEAL"

#438106 - 08/06/14 03:31 PM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: SMOODY]
Betty.Set.Go Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/06/14
Posts: 1
Loc: NC
Thanks for the list SMOODY! I cut & pasted it as a starting point to create my own abridged version :) for my initial meetings.

#438927 - 09/09/14 03:10 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
KWCareers Offline

Registered: 11/27/12
Posts: 94
Loc: Worldwide
Can I see your training calendar and who is teaching the classes??

#441541 - 12/10/14 07:57 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: nwrealtor]
AndreaSellsMore Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/10/14
Posts: 1
Loc: Maryland
Really great list! Thanks!

#441716 - 12/18/14 12:25 PM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: AndreaSellsMore]
Thunderstruck Offline

Registered: 05/17/10
Posts: 250
Loc: Townsville, Australia
What question should I ask a broker?

Can I get free training?

Read VABroker's comment, they are right!

To you or me we are just a number in their system.

KW why are you on this forum? If you can use this forum to fish for agents why don't we let every brokerage give their spill too?

I mean isn't KW able to do it's thing without you coming on this forum?

If you notice there is so much FREE real estate training in this forum and on the Net, it is crazy to pay for it. What is needed is ACTION ... and you either got action or you don't.

O ... by the way, is ALL the training at KW Free??? I don't think so.

The ONLY thing that matters to a brokerage is themselves and their cut.

Ask yourself this question, will the brokerage stand with me in hard times? Sure they are gonna be with you during good times, that is a given. But what about tough times? Something to think about.

#445759 - 05/29/15 02:50 PM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
MarioJann Offline

Registered: 05/15/11
Posts: 52
Loc: Louisville, Colorado
A lot of great answers so far.

I would focus on what type of training and mentoring they offer in your first year. Very important.

Realtor with RE/MAX Alliance in Louisville, Colorado

Author of the top selling book: "The Honest Real Estate Agent: A Training Guide For a Successful First Year and Beyond as a Real Estate Agent"

Check out my podcast on iTunes for new and aspiring Realtors: The Honest Real Estate Agent

#446515 - 07/18/15 02:46 PM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
VancouveRealtor Offline

Registered: 07/18/15
Posts: 35
Loc: Vancouver, BC, Canada
In your first year, you’ll need a lot of support from your managing broker. Make sure they will be able to dedicate you the time of the day!
Be ruthless in asking all the questions you want. After all, you will be paying a substantial amount of money for the service and it is only wise to shop around!
Eugene Erchov
Vancouver BC Canada

#448139 - 10/07/15 12:58 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: estatereal]
James Warren Offline

Registered: 09/14/15
Posts: 43
Loc: Shanghai, China
Yes, this is what I call long term thinking. Working for a brokerage is one thing, but once you leave, take along with you which is worth most. That is all the time and effort you invested in your previous venture. Creating a website and personalizing your business is key.

If you dont own your business you still own yourself. So you need to market yourself as if you were your business.
PartnerGo is an online B2B real estate referral network that serves as a platform to match and connect real estate buyer and seller agents as well as real estate developers around the globe. Learn More at:

#448602 - 11/02/15 01:49 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
Newbie2015 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/29/15
Posts: 9
Loc: Indiana
How many questions is appropriate when interviewing a broker?

#448740 - 11/08/15 05:35 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
John_Myers Offline

Registered: 08/09/12
Posts: 43
Loc: NM, USA
Commission splits and is there a cap on the commissions

What type of training do they provide. Generating leads is the most important issue for real estate agents. You need to understand the laws, practices, and procedures. No leads, no business, no commission.

Understand all of the fees you will be required to pay.
Myers & Myers Real Estate

#450702 - 02/21/16 11:37 AM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: nwrealtor]
Jon Roussel Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/21/16
Posts: 1
Loc: Brooklyn, NY
Excellent list. Having an experienced mentor to work with is a great idea.

#452702 - 05/23/16 03:40 PM Re: What questions should I ask a broker? [Re: TravisF]
louiefrias Offline

Registered: 05/23/16
Posts: 24
Loc: Las Vegas/OC
Ask us HOW we see ourselves participating in YOUR success.

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