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#186187 - 12/08/07 10:53 PM Re: Stupid MLS comments. ***** [Re: texasgal]
TheTexasGal Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 06/13/06
Posts: 1448
Loc: ^
Hey I want one of those! wink

#186197 - 12/09/07 12:30 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: Mr. Foreclosure]
Gulf Winds Offline
REO Slave
Major Contributor

Registered: 02/04/06
Posts: 1715
Loc: USA
Originally Posted By: Mr. Foreclosure
So is Shirley Hunsberger a member of this forum?

Oh yeah, she's the moderator of the entertainment forum.
"There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.." - James Lovell- Astronaut

#186205 - 12/09/07 01:33 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: NH-REO]
DueDiligence Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 12/05/06
Posts: 1635
Loc: Wild Wild West
The area I relocated to, and where I practice now, is very beautiful and rural. And, to be polite, educationally disadvantaged. Many agents can barely write; some have trouble reading. That was FINE until the area was discovered by the rest of the world. So long as local agents practiced with locals, the lack of education was mutual; now agents who are not particularly literate are having to leave the business.

Anyway first place I worked had the dumbest agents-- it had that rep.; although most of them had been agents for quite some time. Nearly none of them changed to ZipForms-- another story for another time. Anyway, I'd always be asked to spell words by agents and staff. I did NOT understand why none of them picked up the dictionary that was available. That is, until I realized that most couldn't spell enough of the word to be able to find it. I left the place; but I swear, it was so good for laughs, and for stories that start, "You're never going to believe this...", and I miss that a lot.

Thing that kills me is when I send out listings from MLS and the remarks section is many, many times, barely understandable, unless you're really good phonetically. I'm afraid clients think it's my listing and that I'm a complete moron. I try to keep the remarks out if they're really awful.

"Owner is in procis of remodiling" was the latest butchery.
"Seller is a lisensed Realator".
"Rod iron".
"Beautiful partial of land"-- meaning "parcel". Many agents here think that we sell "partials" of land.
"Must see too apreciate."
"Worth every dollor."

This is where the agent never learned punctuation OR spelling, and there are no commas or periods, just big, long texts with no capitalization at the beginning of a "sentence", either. I pointed this out to an agent who was just an awful person, purposely mean to me, and not literate in the bargain, and she said, "I leave spaces!" Then, she and her husband, upset over not understanding that one should capitalize the first letter of the first word of a new sentence, started using all caps... And in between thoughts, they'd put !!!!! It was the only punctuation they understood.

I understand that, after 15 years of being a Realator, and working for "Good morning, Acme Reality" she's getting a job as a cashier after Xmas. Sadly, there are many more just like this woman. Was there a time that there was no test to get your license? Does anyone know?

#186208 - 12/09/07 01:59 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: texasgal]
savvycyn Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 07/12/07
Posts: 718
Loc: California, USA
The other day I came across an REO agent that put the lockbox combo in the public comments...I was amazed he was that dumb!!

I meant to write it the address down and tell him but I got so busy I forgot.

Figured he could lose his client that way...

#186209 - 12/09/07 02:08 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: DueDiligence]
NewBreedAgent Offline

Registered: 09/27/07
Posts: 137
Loc: Drilling a lock.
I just used a comp that is located on a very, very busy 4 lane urban street. The home actually sits on a service road (a small drive that runs parallel to the busy street) that has a 25 foot grass buffer from the busy 4 lane street. No fence, no barriers, jsut grass.

The listing agents comments: "Home on low traffic street".

All in caps, of course.

#186320 - 12/10/07 01:28 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: NH-REO]
StevenB Offline

Registered: 01/21/07
Posts: 103
Loc: Jacksonville FL
Thing that bugs me: Motivated Seller (who isn't?)

I think the RE license exam should include a spelling test and grammar test. If you dont not pass, then you don;t get your lisence!
Jacksonville, FL

#186326 - 12/10/07 02:16 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: StevenB]
graysqwrl Offline

Registered: 08/16/05
Posts: 197
Loc: 3rd Rock From The Sun
The all caps and excessive !!!!!!! is what burns me

Edited by graysqwrl (12/10/07 02:16 AM)

#186329 - 12/10/07 02:37 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: graysqwrl]
zephyr Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 08/10/05
Posts: 1665
Loc: Missouri
In our area, most streets are quite, most views are luvly, and most decks ARE huge!!!!!! All of us under-educated rednecks DO love to entertane!!!!And most punctuation is !!!! The mis-spelled words are one thing I can understand (I'm an excellent speller, but a rotten typist). The misuse of punctuation irks me, but what I hate most are the fluffing comments. HUGH living room(I measured 12x14), BEUTIFULL views (of the overgrown bushes bordering the yard), and You wont find another like this at this price (with its 1256 days on market, probably not).
We have one agent who tries her hand at literature in every ad. "Only the finest antique architectural accents" (alliteration), "This happy house just loves to be loved" (personification), and "Truely, the best deal on the market" (fiction combined with poor spelling)... Yeah, I log on to the MLS just for the entertainment value. Maybe I should just go enjoy the deck....
REO Broker since 2004

"And think not you can guide the course of Love, for Love, if it finds you worthy, will guide your course" K.Gibran

#186331 - 12/10/07 02:45 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: zephyr]
Veteran Member

Registered: 12/19/05
Posts: 543
Loc: Orange County, California
But is it 'crown molding' or 'crown moulding'???

#186339 - 12/10/07 03:59 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: texasgal]
Analog Man Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 07/22/07
Posts: 2100
Loc: Tampa Bay
My pet peeve isn't regarding remarks, it's regarding photos. Our local MLS does not make it mandatory that the outside photo of the house be uploaded. It frustrates me to no end how many times the main photo will be of a hallway, toilet (not joking), or an empty room. What amazes me even more, these houses sold!!!! Back when I was selling, I would be hard pressed to show a house I didn't have an exterior photo of.


#186381 - 12/10/07 10:56 AM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: Analog Man]
RE8Coach Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 11/20/07
Posts: 1429
Loc: Virginia
Oh yeah Brad...that is a big one here, especially for condos...they will show this tricked out living room or even a collage of pictures of all the rooms to get the consumer to click on their virtual tour! There is even a blogger/broker here who is quite controversial, bashes agents all the time about not using photos to showcase homes in this way(his pet peeve!) He ran for the board recently and he and his partner came in DEAD LAST! I thought at the time that's what you get for bashing your peers publically!
Nothing in the world can take
the place of persistence.
Talent will not. Genius will not.
Education will not.
Persistence and determination
alone are omnipotent.

Calvin Coolidge

#186400 - 12/10/07 01:43 PM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: texasgal]
Bigtoe Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 10/14/07
Posts: 2412
Loc: Outer Banks
"Romanic wound views" This guy was either referring to the show Rome or the romantic views over the sound.

Edited by Bigtoe (12/10/07 01:45 PM)
Your Outer Banks real estate agent. Helping people buy and sell OBX real estate since 1989.

#186402 - 12/10/07 02:23 PM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: Bigtoe]
Artiste Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 06/12/06
Posts: 2372
Loc: Arizona Bay
I mentioned to a Realtor that the home might be "conveniently" located, not "contently" located as she described it
Let's take back the real estate between our ears and get green like a sonofa$%^&*

NAFTA is over!!
(if you want it)

#186406 - 12/10/07 02:57 PM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: Artiste]
RiverKing Offline

Registered: 05/28/06
Posts: 37
Loc: Memphis, TN
The most amazing thing I have seen in the MLS was in the realtor comments.

Do not show from 3:00-5:00 as minor school age children in the home alone.

#186414 - 12/10/07 04:05 PM Re: Stupid MLS comments. [Re: NewBreedAgent]
ggwwttre Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 06/15/04
Posts: 1187
Loc: Watsonville, CA, USA
And then of course there's the famous no comment at all... usually accompanied by no photo, and leading to no showings (I don't care about the showings, I just need a pic and a few words so I can use it for an active comp since it'll never sell.)

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