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#15195 - 06/27/06 05:00 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
SandraC Offline

Registered: 01/15/06
Posts: 103
Loc: California
I had an open house sign stolen. I'm 99% sure it was by residents of the nearest house. When I tried to investigate, I was nearly accosted by one of the family members. I'll buy a new sign but won't be using it in that location ever again.

#15196 - 06/27/06 06:24 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
rrealtor Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 09/15/04
Posts: 792
Loc: Virginia
I agree it sad to see adults behave like this.....we have 1 community where a man pick up all the direction signs. His car is full of signs not sure what he does after he pick them up...most likely trashes. Police complaints where filed but its consider trash anything place in common area or the county owned. Few realtors tried to talk to this guy but found out he carrys a gun. An alert was posted for the realtors working in the neighborhood.
Ritu Desai
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#15197 - 06/30/06 06:43 AM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
icculus Offline

Registered: 09/02/03
Posts: 55
Loc: Lakeville,MN
signs are a constant battle here I loose signs regularly, It's a bummer but part of the business
here we have county,city employees that will grab them up if they are any where close to the right away. Also as I Drive around you always wonder about all these garage sale signs which are obviously real estate tent signs!
what does one do??? Buy more signs I guess

#15198 - 06/30/06 06:57 AM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
MiamiRealEstate Offline

Registered: 05/24/06
Posts: 158
Loc: Florida
My favorite was watching a "city worker" car going around picking up FSBO signs! Turns out these people were putting their FSBO signs on the swale area (grass between the sidewalk and the street) which is illegal. They have to be on YOUR side of the sidewalk. I kinda felt bad for those people who now think some kids (or mean people) stole their sign. Anyways, if they'd have had a Real Estate Agent, probably never would have happened - or at least shouldn't have. Just another cost of trying to save money!

#15199 - 06/30/06 07:16 AM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
Gulf Winds Offline
REO Slave
Major Contributor

Registered: 02/04/06
Posts: 1715
Loc: USA
I had a rash of sign theft until I implemented a little ingenuity.

I bought some of the anchors that screw into the ground (similar to the mobile home type) and placed one underneath my sign. I then chained/locked the anchor to my sign, which is directly above the anchor.

Unless the thief is the incredible hulk, my sign is not going anywhere.

Problem solved!

"There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.." - James Lovell- Astronaut

#15200 - 06/30/06 08:12 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
destin bound Offline

Registered: 06/16/05
Posts: 30
I recently held an agent open house, my broker came to the open house just before it was about to be over he told me he liked the way I had the directionals set up, as I was about to leave another agent comes in from another company. She walks through gives her input. Then leaves. I go to pick up the Open House sign, and it had been pushed over and the regular directional had been taken....I used to work for her broker, didn't bother calling them though since I didn't actually see it,but it was within 10 minutes of my broker seeing them.

#15201 - 07/02/06 07:12 AM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
zephyr Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 08/10/05
Posts: 1665
Loc: Missouri
I haven't had any stolen, but a few out in the boonies have been used for target practice...
I use flyers and business cards a lot at local stores, and have noticed they disappear very quickly, but I get no calls. A clerk at a C-store told me the other day (not knowing I was a realtor- thinking I was selling fsbo) that a certain agent would probably be calling me about selling my house because he took down my flyers and picked up my cards as he left. "He must have someone interested," she tells me. Amazing- no calls yet... It amuses me, though, that an agent who sells more than I do feels so threatened and insecure that he has to make sure my marketing materials aren't seen. Those things say a lot about what a person thinks of themselves, so I really feel sorry for this guy.
An REO I have listed had in the barn 18 different Realtor signs. I called a few who were still in business- so far none has come by to pick them up. The others have been out of business for years. Either the house was listed a LOT, or the owners liked stealing signs. Maybe they were Realtors???
REO Broker since 2004

"And think not you can guide the course of Love, for Love, if it finds you worthy, will guide your course" K.Gibran

#15202 - 07/03/06 01:13 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
Iamanoak Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/03/06
Posts: 3
Loc: Pollock Pines, CA

I live in a rural mountain community and I have found that it is usually just hill-billies looking for things to take out into the forest and use for target practice. I can't tell you how many realtor signs, including my own I have found out there all shot up while I was off-roading in my jeep.
Edde Anderson
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#15203 - 07/05/06 10:36 AM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
realestateq Offline

Registered: 01/17/06
Posts: 11
Loc: Sacramento, Ca
Iamanoak those same hill-billies cracked my sign AND sawed my post in half. Imagine my shock when I drove up there from Sacramento! It was cool though because I knew I was switching companies, I just nailed the next sign into the Oak tree out front smile

#15204 - 08/04/06 10:57 AM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
Vis6800 Offline

Registered: 03/18/05
Posts: 10
Loc: Baltimore, MD
Just went by a listing of mine and all my signs were stolen. The broker sign, my ivr, and rider are gone.

I'm kinda pissed.

#15205 - 08/04/06 03:50 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
OH REO Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: 12/07/05
Posts: 672
Loc: Ohio
Originally posted by Ice_Man:
Probably 1 in 10 of my signs get stolen for a variety of reasons. I work a strange market.
Thank goodness there's someone else. I thought I was the only person on here who thought stolen signs were "business as usual". We lose a LOT of signs. I've had them show up in a completely different town. There's not much to do for fun here in rural Ohio.... :rolleyes:

#15206 - 08/04/06 04:31 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
Darlene Bitner Offline
Darlene B
Veteran Member

Registered: 03/10/05
Posts: 1208
Loc: Texas Gulf Coast
My friend called today to say that her sign had been knocked over by the yard mowers and that they did not put it back up.

She should feel a lot better when I tell her some of these stories.

Sorry for all you folks who have to pay good money so some jerk can have a good laugh or just take advantage of a fellow agent.

Was it "Max Ex" who showed the video of the politician who went around defacing or stealing his opponent's signs...that ended his career. Robert, next time make 4 videos, and send the extra to Max Ex. They will show it over and over and over and over. We try not to be mean spirited, but these people might as well be breaking into our homes and stealing our money from the family safe. Theft is theft, and no thief should be in real estate.

#15207 - 08/05/06 09:16 AM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
OSUChris Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/17/06
Posts: 6
Loc: Oklahoma
You know Darlene, I think that was an rural Oklahoman politician that did that. It was a few years ago. He ended up losing the race over it too.
Christina Bates
Sales Associate
Chinowth & Cohen Realtors-Owasso
Cell (918) 284-3650
Office (918) 392-9990

#15208 - 08/05/06 07:17 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
undercoveragent Offline

Registered: 05/13/06
Posts: 105
Loc: NJ
This has happened to me too. It's frustrating.

In the summer I see loads of open house signs that have been re-purposed by the general public into Garage Sale signs...

#15209 - 08/05/06 07:31 PM Re: my for sale sign got stolen
24Salem7 Offline

Registered: 02/05/06
Posts: 235
Loc: Salem Oregon
I had my 4 sale sign stolen recently by the Buyer Broker involved in the transaction. The property was a REO, MH on acreage. He wanted to make sure I wouldn’t receive any backup offers! He gave me a lame story that he found my sign 400’ up the highway in a ditch. (Being such a nice and ethical person, he said he would bring it to me.) I went to remove my lockbox and the neighbor was home and I asked her if she seen what happened to my sign. She said the “Other Broker put it in his trunk”. I then called the Buyer Broker and asked him again where he found my sign. He started to go into his rehearsed explanation and I stopped him. I asked him if he knew what I hated more than thieves? He said “no”. I told him “liars, and you are a liar, the neighbor saw you put the sign in your trunk from the property”. He couldn’t apologize enough. What some people will do—
Donna Toline, GRI, CRIS
Principal Broker, NRBA Member
DAT Real Estate Solutions, PC
Salem, OR 97305
503-828-0256 Direct
503-551-1160 Cell

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