Hey all,

Just wondering if any of you REO PRO'S are signed up with REOTRANS.com. They charge to sign up for zip codes, but no referral fee is charged by them. It is like $13 a month to have a profile on there for 11 zip codes. When an AM assigns a listing they view the profiles through this company....I was wondering if it is worth it. I signed up last month because I could see a couple of local agents here have listings on there, so I know it works....I am new to REO's though, and have had my profile viewed about a dozen times since I joined, but no offers to list yet-it could be that they have been working with these other agents a while since they have been doing REO for years, but I figured that there may be a possiblility that some new companies to the site, might try me, or if a company has been unhappy with the other agents they might try me, what do you all think, has anyone had success with it, or has anyone felt scammed by them??? Let me know-thanks in advance-wow, I love this site and reading all the wonderful great insightful posts from all of you! It is so helpful.....glad I found ya! Cari

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