Someone said on a thread here somewhere, that we have to know when it's time to cut the buyer loose.

Honestly, I'm trying to find the answer myself to this. It's a buyer's market here and I'm treking all over the place, week after week, with the same buyer. Today we saw our 20th property. She always sees one she likes "mostly" but is just waiting for the perfect property - on the very lower end of the market, I might add.

What bothered me today is in the car home , she wasn't even talking about the properties. Stories of her youth, her grand daughter...etc. Every time I brought up the market, or the house she liked today, she changed the subject.

I'm getting the feeling she just enjoys being with me and driving around. I'm not a new agent with nothing else to do - I have listings and other leads I can be following up on.

Don't want to lose a potential sale - but really, where the heck do I draw the line?