There is a mindset that will generate business for you. The Conversational mindset. Once you find your natural way to start and continue a conversation online, your business will grow.

Have you ever walked up to someone and said, “I sell houses” and then just stop talking? What kind of look do you think you would get?

That’s the equivalent of most Broker’s online presence. A headshot, a paragraph about who they are, and their listings.

What does that tell the buyer / seller?

* They know if they’ll enjoy looking at you but not sure about listening to you.
* They’ll guess at your age and assume you might understand their generational needs.
* Gender, the last physical trait left in your headshot, is used to filter you from someone else.
* They do, however, have comfort in knowing you’ve been vetted by a firm.

That’s it. No connection.
Just an online business card that lets people know, you know how to do your job.

Most Brokers are satisfied with this. Here’s the thing, once you figure out your natural style for capturing and sharing content you’re different than most Brokers. You can use it to have a conversation online. A conversation that generates more business than your standard issued website, promise.

First Year Broker