Our company was recently purchased by NRT which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Realogy. Since that time they have changed the compensation on corporate relocation considerably and I am wondering what is the norm for the rest of you who participate in a corporate relocation program. Been in the business for over a decade and here is the progression of comp to the agent over the years.

Originally CARTUS received 35% referral fee off the top and the agent was capped at a 70% split. That changed a few years ago to 37.5% referral fee and a 65% split. Shortly after NRT took over, they announced they would be taking a 50% referral off the top and capping the splits at 65%. The bottom line is that we are now getting 30 cents on the dollar.

Is there anyone else under the Realogy/CARTUS umbrella that is seeing the same thing or are you still getting the more ordinary splits(i.e. 35-37.5% referral fees)?