I was looking online for a nice bag since I just got my concealed carry license. As a woman, you know we have to be extra careful. We never know what kind of situation we are walking into when we are meeting people.

All the bags I saw were beyond ugly and very unprofessional looking. After looking for a few days, and almost buying a bag I really didn't want, I found the [url=http://www.StarrD.com]Starr D Concealed Carry Tote Bag[/url] After doing the measurements, it's a great size to fit paperwork, iPad and other things that we women carry. The bag totally says "fashion." It seems to be a new line and I'm willing to give it a try.

I emailed the designer and asked if she would be willing to give us Realtors a discount. She said yes! Instead of $469 she will give to us for $375 and free shipping which is lower than what she is selling on Groupon! It comes with an adjustable holster and magazine holder which can also hold flashlights, cell phone, pepper spray etc. She said she also designed a tote organizer which will be sold for $30 but will discount to $25 for us. She said it is cotton canvas and sturdy. I'm really excited for it to arrive! I hope this helps other lady agents that conceal carry or have a stun gun or pepper spray etc. We have to watch out for each other!