Hey all,
It's been awhile that I was thinking to renovate my old house. It was my grandfather's house and after his death the property was shifted in my name. Since its 40 years old house I thought of renovating it and also decided to take a home insurance. I stayed in a rented house earlier and so that I have no experience taking a home insurance. I searched online about it so that I could know more about home insurance and also from where it is suitable to take too. I read a blog when I searched online www.northwoodmortgage.com/insurence/important-things-to-know-about-home-insurance. This blog had many information. I thought home insurance are just for the house but it seems like the insurance covers not just the house but also spouse , kids and also other friends or family members who are there the insurance will be covered for them too. I don't know whether all the banks provide the same or not. I'm bit confused too from where it is more beneficial to take the insurance. Anyone who is experienced taking an insurance could please help me out a bit. Please advise and also assist me if there are any other stuffs I need to know.

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