I hope it's OK to post this question here. I've searched this site as well as Googling the topic and can't find an answer. Another office broker has called the Oregon Real Estate Agency and been told they're not sure.

Situation: A piece of vacant land in Oregon is surrounded by several privately owned properties and does not have a known history of anyone traveling across any of those properties for access to the nearest road. I'm not sure if the current owner has ever even set foot on the property, despite owning it for several years. The title company does not show any easement to allow access.

Question: If negotiating with an adjacent property owner does not result in an equitable agreement for access does Oregon law provide for the landlocked property owner to demand and acquire an easement across land nearest to the road?

At one point we thought that this was a federally mandated requirement but can't find anything to support that and only vague references to what Oregon may allow.

I suspect that the law may vary from state to state and would appreciate input from anyone familiar with Oregon law, especially if you know which part of the law supports your answer.

Thank you for any help.

Alf Gulford